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  1. Disappointed so far and I had such high hopes as my MIM Precision is a much better instrument and this doesn't come close.
  2. For my lead player. He borrows a Classic 50 (which I have to lug around, he has bad knees) and uses a Gretsch White Falcon. I guess it would make me happier, but for sound in small blues clubs is the VK 112 OK? I'd rather not the 2x112.
  3. RG75 (G2 series). We get power surges here and it was turned off but maybe as it was still plugged into the wall, somehow it got damaged. I can't get any volume either by using my footswitch or unplugging the switch and changing manually (button on amp). Geez!!
  4. I was lucky enough to get an early '90's one (Bandit 112 w/Scheffield)at a yard sale last weekend for $10 (Yes, 10 bucks). Only problem is when I use the footswitch it seems to lose it's power, so I don't bother with the footswitch.
  5. Just want to try out this older Jensen i found at the dump.
  6. Behringer Vintager Ac108 amp has 8" 4ohm. if I replace with an 8ohm will it hurt the amp or just cut power (volume) down?
  7. Anybody know where I can get the chronology on the Bandit line? Been checking the reviews and my head is spinning trying to figure out when the models came out, there's so many. Thanks.
  8. Old hippy thats done it all and still kicking. Most stuff I've owned has been working gear (mid-range) not high end. Too much too list even now. I play mostly a p-bass or Yamaha. I owned a Mexi Standard jazz once before and found it too heavy. This one seems a little lighter. May possible upgrade the pickups if I keep it but is fine as is.
  9. I'm a 50 year old fart and been playing since I was 14. i'm not gonna mention all my gear here, other than I also own a silverface Bassman and a Bassman 100. I plugged my Mesa Boogie cab into this amp and it sounded like it would have plenty power to gig with.
  10. Will likely keep it as it's a great example of Canadian workmanship.
  11. I'm a bass player and I've taken it to local jams and loaned it out. No complaints. The exact model sells for $500 in the local music store.
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