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  1. So re tubing one of these is a total bitch isn't it.
  2. Local pickup in Central New Jersey. Narrowing your options huh . No but in all seriousness good luck with this, I hope this sells so you can get what you want. Oh and free bump!
  3. This thread is shady as {censored}. 1st post? Bull{censored} copied and pasted info? Picture of 002 when your first sentence says 002R? DO NOT WANT.
  4. If you still have these the first week of September hit me a PM and I will probably take them. Just got to wait for some cash to come in.
  5. So I sat down and played this amp a lot today and decided to keep it. Clean just sounds to good to give up.
  6. I'm gonna have to pass. Thanks though!
  7. Let me premise this by saying that I might not want to do this. Just some feeler spam. Head was re caped last year at voodoo as well as new power tubes (I don't remember when I am at work, I have the invoice though). I had them clean up the wiring and mod the regular side this year (since I bought it from someone who {censored}ed it up with bull{censored} amateur mods ). The normal side is awesome for cleans now and takes pedals really well. I have not had a chance to put a soak on it to hear how it sounds cranked. The bass side works but doesn't really sound that good in comparison to the normal side. The PT is not original either, former owner put a Weber in. Overall the amp has had $500 of work in past 2 years. Head is in pretty good shape for it's age and only has 1 small tear in the front of the heads grill cloth (or whatever it's called). Surprisingly the tolex is damn near flawless other that being somewhat discolored from age. The head is a 197_: I don't know the exact year. I will post more/better pics later this morning. Not interested in selling. Make offers, can be amps, guitars pedals, recording {censored}, whatever.
  8. Yeah I will say I bought a refurbished quad core G5 for a little over a grand and love it. The only issue is the bent case but that doesn't affect performance.
  9. Processors are not something that is normally upgraded due to the pain in the ass it usually involves. Better to just get what you want from the start. Adding another would require a motherboard that would allow it. Just buy an intel mac and forget about it .
  10. when you say faster, what sense are you talking about? hard drive speed? the standard is like 7200 RPMs right? and how do you run multiple CPUs to back up the plugs? sorry i ask a lot of questions, im just very curious as to how to make things more efficient. Faster as in how fast the CPU is (mine is a four 2.5gHz processors). My old one was a single 1.5gHz processor. Also: If you had the choice between a computer with 2 1.5gHz processors and one with a single 3gHz processor go with the one that has 2.
  11. awesome. thats what i wanna hear. oh you guys think that 2.5 gigs of RAM will be sufficient for most stuff? I.E. no more than 15 tracks most likely with a moderate amount of plugs running. It's plenty. In all honesty I didn't notice a huge difference when I went from 1 to 3 gigs. Seems like a faster/multiple CPU is more important for running plugs and recording at low latency.
  12. oh the only part that sucks is im out 85 bucks because of it. Forget that man, call them up and give them hell.
  13. OSX is pretty much idiot proof (no offense intended). It didn't take me long to wiz around the mac like a madman . I have only used logic a little (less than 4 hours). I will say though it's for the most part very user friendly in it's basic function. I have heard the learning curve is a little steep but everything is doable if your patient enough.
  14. I have 3 gigs but I am running Leopard.
  15. Sympathy? I neither want nor need it. In fact, check your avatar. That about covers it. That is exactly what this thread is, one big feel bad for me bitch about something you can remedy. In fact you never even described your problem so people could take a stab at it. There is nothing wrong with presonus, I'm willing to bet that a good percent of the people on here love the firepod and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to someone. Email support is a joke unless your lucky enough to be dealing with a smaller company. Your basing the entire company off of one bad deal with email support is pretty silly at best. I have called the company 2 times, both experiences were stellar, this was after trying the email thing and having them fail to return anything, but unlike you I didn't go on to an internet forum bitch about my {censored}ty situation and complain that the company sucks. I called them and it worked out.
  16. How extremely unhelpful. I work. Lunch break? Seriously, your not going to get any sympathy from me. People find time to do all kinds of inconvenient things everyday on a 9-5 job.
  17. Wuss. Pick up the phone and call them. This costs you what maybe 20-30 mins on hold? Email has always been a joke as far as support goes. I had to call them for a firmware downgrade, I got someone on the phone in under 20 mins and an email fixing the problem within the hour.
  18. Wait 12 gigs of RAM? 2 Terabytes of hard drive space? Well that's pretty awesome but I imagine it's expensive as all get out. I would settle for 2-4gigs at the most as far as RAM goes.
  19. Hate to blow the bubbel. Many pro singers have perfect pitch and timing and have littel or no need for that kind of pitch editing. While this may be true for some, most modern pop crap is auto tuned to death. So yeah your right "Many pro singers have perfect pitch" the problem is that most do not, it's just a pretty face that can be marketed with a nominal voice attached.
  20. Huh I lost this thread I guess. To answer some questions: Yes I am treating some of the ceiling, I just have been doing it somewhat slowly.
  21. There isn't a studio on the planet that doesn't have auto tune software. How much it gets used depends on the artist. As far as the grid thing goes again depends on the money and the artists. But again there isn't a studio in exsistance (unless all analog studios still exist, and probably do) that hasn't done drum repair, or guitar or bass, or vocal....
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