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  1. I got mine for $100 off Craig's list. You won't be disappointed. Totally useful. I use the mxr flange, mxr phase, bi-phase, and boss chorus. At $25 per effect I can't lose. PeAcE
  2. I write original music and play in a cover band that includes a couple of my originals. I see both sides of the fence. I would love to be in a successful original band however, I'll take the fun of performing live playing covers to sitting in my studio recording tons of material that nobody will hear but my wife and kids. As long as you are playing songs that you like/love then you aren't exactly lacking integrity. I get a kick out of playing my originals. Crowds by and large respond favorably to the originals but they tend to go ape {censored} over a cover that they are familiar with. Being in a cover band doesn't make you a stagnant uncreative dullard. Unless you let it. Being blunt some people are incapable of writting original material. That shouldn't mean that they can't get up in front of a crowd and show whatever talent (or lack there of) they possess. PeAcE
  3. http://www.myspace.com/ALCHEMY5ROCK The band's current lineup has changed and we are looking for a bass player. The songs on the myspace are all my originals which were recorded by me with me playing all the instruments. PeAcE
  4. To all the people bitching about gas prices. Go sit somewhere facing a street and count how many SUV's, full size cars and trucks go by. When the number of kia, hyundia, toyota etc are the dominate vehicle let me know. We as American's like big, roomy, status symbol vehicals. Sorry. I am fully aware of the cost increases. I feel them in my own pocket. However, I would love to see the profit margin that Coca Cola made off of Dasani water for the last quarter. Nobody seems to have problems paying $5 or $6 dollars per gallon for bottled water at $1.00 per 20 oz. bottle. When our nations water supply is probably the cleanest of any nation on Earth. Yet their is not one person on this forum who can feasible produce one pint of useable gasoline. Gasoline is a bargain at $5.00 per gallon. Show me one other product that is as economical and practical. Most people don't realize that the price of a gallon of gas up until recently has remained relatively flat. From 1979 to 1999 the price for a regular gallon of gas had a variance of $1.16 to $1.25. Show me any product that has remained that flat over the last 20+ years. This price increase is what is known as a market correction. GET USED TO IT. The cost of leasing an acre of land for exploration in my part of the U.S. has increased by 10 fold over the last few months. I see no end in site. PeAcE
  5. I had mine done 10 years ago. I was one of the original guinea pigs. I went from not being able to read billboards to having 20/10 vision (better than 20/20) in less than 20 minutes. I highly recommend it if you can. Johnpace2 described it pretty accurately. The only caution I would give is to make damn sure you tell the doctor if you have any problems with high blood pressure. Your blood pressure affects your occular pressure which is the blood pressure in your eyes. If they give you a valium or any other sedative it can change your blood pressure to the point it effects the outcome of the surgery. The only reason I mention it is because where I work the owner paid for roughly 15 of us to have laser surgery to our eyes. I was the first person to have it done. Everybody had great results with the exception of one. He is my uncle and he has severe blood pressure problems. When they asked him about any medical conditions they should be aware of he omited his blood pressure. His blood pressure was not monitored during the procedure and his results were less than stellar. He still has to wear glasses and he can not wear contact lens. However, it was his fault for not fully disclosing his medical condition. I think he thought if he told them about his blood pressure they might refuse to do the procedure. That was not the case they would have probably not given him the Valium and would have made sure his occular pressure was stable at the time of the procedure. Anyway, I am thrilled with my results and I know of over a dozen people who have had similar results. PeAcE
  6. Mine is exactly like that only lefty. PeAcE Agile LP here, really an excellent guitar
  7. I have 2 Agile LP2500s one is csb the other is amber both are old style headstocks and horns. I've upgraded the pickups in both and that is it. The CSB is my main gigging guitar. PeAcE
  8. Little Dreamer. It is what I base my tone around. PeAcE
  9. Jesus RULES. Saved here. Just noticed this topic. PeAcE
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