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  1. Hey Isaac ! Thanks. I said to myself, what the heck. Although I don't think the Fender Rumble Studio 40 is very loud, but for my ears that is coming out of the Bronco bass, I really like the tone. New to bass playing and I'm starting out as a beginner. Posting a log on another forum. Mainly to discipline myself. Never really did any discipline on the guitar other than just toy around with it for some time. Goal is to learn some songs now on it. Mostly Beatles, Ventures, Animals and some country tunes since where I live any band that wants a following need to know these. Hopefull
  2. Actually with the Olympics coming here next year, we'll start seeing a lot of " well, we got it under control " type of politicians saying now is OK. Give it till May and most people will have realized that it is a different type of flu and we just have to live with it since it is NOT going to go away. There are currently 4 strains of it now. The vaccines that are coming out...? In my opinion its only a 50/50 chance of it working to put a halt to the number of deaths worldwide. Yet in Japan we have more suicides per month then Corona virus deaths. So this should say something about the 30
  3. I'm doing the Stu Hamm's lessons. Video is very old though. i think a lot has improved since them days
  4. Good lessons. well explained would say if you played each bars slow, medium and the reg. speed. that way we can use vlc to slow down
  5. its hard to revive a forum when there is no one hitting home runs anymore but most us now are in our sixties and sitting in our rock'n chairs with a beer and watch'n the tube not me, out cycling was going to tour Okinawa but the damn corona virus put a stop to that
  6. Wow! Got the headphones on and drinking some green tea at 10 pm. What a way to relax.
  7. Yep! This place is quiet. Used to be the place to hang out all day long. Jeremy, I really don't ever recall hearing any of your music before. These recording are a prime example of your skills of a musician. Too bad of the corona virus, I could see you guys playing over here at the Blue Note in Tokyo. Maybe some day, right ? Right now Japan isn't letting tourist into the country or practically no one. Pretty much a dead zone once you get into the tourist areas now. Have you ever jammed with mark wein ?
  8. For the last 2 years I've been going to the pawnshops here and picking up electric and acoustic guitars that needed some repair to them. But since the corona virus killed the flea market this summer, I got stuck with them. So what did I do... I brought them all back to the pawnshop ( a different one ). The only guitar I lost any money on was the Squier Standard Strat. a 2009 model made in Indonesia. By loss I mean 4000 yen or about 40 bucks. All the others I actually got more then what I paid for them. It was my hobby. So about 3 weeks ago I went on a shopping spree. Bought 2 amps, Dunlop
  9. Well, after having a few conversations with the sales rep in China on Alibaba, the lady talked about the corona virus and shipping cost. Bottom line was this: With the current situation for single purchases for now, it would not be very feasible to buy this way. So I decided on Amazon Japan for bass amps. Much to my surprise, other music stores here in Japan were sold out on this Model. Fender Rumble Studio 40 . I got for 32000 yen with free shipping. It's a nice amp for the price. Comes with a lot of features. It also comes with Fender Free guitar lessons, which I haven't checke
  10. Hi guys. Sorry I haven't followed up on this due to my miss behavior on this site. I'll watch what I'll say from now on in the Political forum. Anyway, tomorrow I'll update you on what I got. Stay tune. And thanks for all the advice too .
  11. I've been looking at bass amps they're on Alibaba in China. And much to my surprises the amplifiers for what you get seem to be very reasonable and I mean very reasonable. I'm not looking for a name brand amp either. I know recently on guitar amps they've been using some pretty good speakers so I hope that is true with the bass amplifiers. What are your thoughts about buying from China on Alibaba.
  12. Kind of country, but more trendy of a new era of music in Nashville. Glad to see him going this way. Getting back to ones roots is the natural process of aging when getting up there in age.
  13. Nice write-up Phil. Makes a person really want to head out to a Fender dealer and try one out. I wonder what the retail price is on it. You didn't mention it. Thanks for the write-up.
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