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  1. Be interesting to see the new set-up on the forum. Hope to see some VERY cool smilies too.Thanks Dendy
  2. When talent is discovered by the headhunter, then it's non stop from then on. Keeping a level on ones success is the other side of the coin of commercial talent.
  3. Kind of country, but more trendy of a new era of music in Nashville. Glad to see him going this way. Getting back to ones roots is the natural process of aging when getting up there in age.
  4. That's pretty cool. Thanks.
  5. Nice write-up Phil. Makes a person really want to head out to a Fender dealer and try one out. I wonder what the retail price is on it. You didn't mention it. Thanks for the write-up.
  6. Have you been to Tokyo, guitar street, you'd love it there.
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