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  1. Recently some of us are doing jams over the net. We have an international crowd joining in. I've posted the last two jams in PP here. If interested, PM me. We are now doing a jam and I think we may have a few time slots open. Here's our latest jam https://app.box.com/s/g8vim3x2v16yczfc5e4ztnu33asgmabd
  2. Paul and I chat often. He does live in Poland but recently he is teaching English and doesn't have much time playing the guitar. He's doing well. I hung out here all the time when I first joined HC. Fun place back then, but a few years ago I started hanging out in the political forum. Its got a bit more life recently there, but it too was pretty quiet for a while.
  3. Video streaming of concerts with no audiences is the thing of the future and will probably go on a paid subscription on youtube.
  4. This place started to get quiet about 7 years ago. Was a fun place to hang out. Postings were like every 2 hours. Polish Paul if you guys remember him really brought a lot of life on this forum. I chat with him a lot. Like it has been said, people do move on.
  5. Those are Vox coil cords and yes, they are expensive. I think they cost me about 3400 yen each. ( about 36 bucks each ) and they are heavy also.
  6. Have you ever been to a pawnshop? I have. That looks like my collection over the years that have gone to the back rooms of the pawnshops. 🙁
  7. I agree. Here I see these guitars with other name brands on them and as I mention, most Les Pauls copies go for under 120 USD and Strat style guitars range from 65 USD on up, not much more over 120 USD unless it has a well known name like History (made in China). Here's an example: https://www.soundhouse.co.jp/products/detail/item/9920/
  8. It seems the pictures are of the real stuff, but the prices for the semi-body guitars seem to be off by about 20 to 50 dollars. The site itself looks OK, but when you read the fine print, now that's another thing. Pretty blank on the actually "total" cost of what one might occur. No, I would not buy on that site. The brand name means nothing and has the possibility to be seized at the US Postal office. Something to think about. Also 5 password characters seems to be a bit low in my thoughts. Also when I type in Japan, its not set up to give the prefectures. Check ou
  9. Yes, its a Fernandes bass and for 60 bucks, its not a bad bass at all.
  10. I got this one for about 60 usd and the amp for 25 usd. Nothing wrong with it. Plays real nice and the amp, well, its solid.
  11. OK, went to the pawnshop today. Bought an old Vox Pathfinder Bass 10 amp for about 25 USD Got this bass there also a while back for about 60 USD all set now Yippy!
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