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    Best classical I have ever heard in 32 years of playing. It should be a 12 at least. Amazing sound. I've been to classical concerts with world class artists and.some of them were playing guitars that sounded like hell to me after this one and my first one.I have a feeling those guys can buy whatever they want. You can't buy this. You have to find it first, then you can buy it. But the finding is the really hard part. Rare as hell. A couple of the classical guitarists I have heard over the years did have beautiful sounding guitars, though.I heard Andre Segovia once and his guitar was amazing, too. And he could do the instrument justice. I still have a ways to go on that score, but I enjoy it even so. So, if you keep your ears open and just try everything that comes across your path, you may find that special one. I have long since quit paying much attention to how guitars LOOK. I appreciate a pretty instrument, but it's the sound that separates one fine instrument from a pile of wood and glue. And I have gone into guitar stores and played some of those really expensive guitars. I've never been tempted. Real music lovers listen. It's about the ears and the soul. If anybody from Samick reads this, you might want to find out who made guitar no.98092994 Really amazing. Thank him or her for me!
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