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  1. I had the same issue about a month back after getting a new maple snare. The best thing that worked for me was to set up my OH's in a XY configuration. The only downside is little to no stereo separation. Fess Interesting - you don't feel that you get stereo from an XY configuration? That's kinda what it was designed to do.
  2. Here are a few shots of my "one room" setup. http://www.adigitalmus.net/StudioPics/Studio2007/ Dave M. might recognize something he sold me a few years ago Scott Because no studio should be without a tympani!
  3. Good lord! Do you need an intern? I'll move to nashville. Hows your control room sound versus the tracking room? More lively, dead, etc. Hows that huge bookcase working out as a diffuser? Oh man i'm loving the tunes on there. bluegrass all the way. Man I would love to mix this stuff! Also, I liked your "drum emergency kit" article. Especially WD40, Duct tape, extra pedal, moon gel. How about a router table for bad bearing edges? Get one of those in the studio! In order... We have interns from time to time... The control room is, while not 'dead', a nice place to mix, while the tracking room is generally a bit more live (and with gobos, can be made a bit more reflective than it is, or a little more dead than usual). The bookcase is lovely - no slapback echo comes from that wall, plus I can find all the books that used to be in storage until I built this room. While we do a lot of acoustic music and bluegrass here, we do at least as much 'normal' music - that is drums, electric guitars, and all that. I've done trad jazz records and even recorded the Fisk Jubilee Singers, along with country, rock and blues records... For bearing edge issues, I have a simpler approach - I call Sam Bacco, a wonderful drun tech in Nashville (in addition to being a fne percussionist, Sam plays with the Symphony).
  4. There are a bunch of mine at www.javajivestudio.com, and I think there are (at least were) some at http://womb.mixerman.net/showpost.php?p=23619&postcount=99 (and some more in that thread).
  5. Here's a view of the main room (I haven't gotten around to taking a photo of the shelves in the piano room).
  6. Tell 'em to kiss your ass. It's YOUR music, not theirs.
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