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  1. Hey guys, I'd be grateful if you could recommend me on books/resources in the following field(s): As a background I'm a piano and theory teacher. For piano/Theory I use the early Thompson books for beginners and 95% which is everything else is either my own unique arrangements/exercizes made from scratch or stuff I found from others online usually free domain (pieces, arrangements, charts, etc.) I'm looking for book recommendations for piano and most especially theory, something that is advanced and orientated towards both teachers and pro musicians alike. a Book or a resource that will also have illustrations/visual aids I can pull out and show students. Something that covers functional harmony (I'm rusty in that department and would like to improve my knowledge anyway), more advanced modes/chords/scales and whatever else is relevant but also the more basic stuff . Also if you've got something that covers basic counterpoint (I'm debating whether Palestreena style or Bach style would be better for me to teach students, I'm only familiar with the rules of the former counterpoint, but what do you think? if there's a resource(s) that cover those too that would be great as well, I could use some rehearsing on that and prolly learn the new stuff/Bach too in the process) I'm obviously not limiting myself to 1 book/resource, I'd be glad to receive as many recommendations as you would think/know are relevant/good for my case. MUCH obliged Cheers
  2. Best!!! I got an MK2 DX7 best synth. I enjoy it MUCH more than my Europa Jupiter 6!!
  3. You just described my band. Me and guitarist are extremely high level. Drummer is medioce at best. It sucks trust me
  4. Hey, which Piano/ Keyboard do you think has the best balance between great sound and great keyboard action (Rhodes/Wurly/CP80/Pianos.... and with bulit in efx) Obviously buying a real rhodes is too expensive both in the short and long run, bulky and heavy.... so what do you guys think? Between the YAMAHA MX88/ YAMAHA CP/ Nord Electro 4-5/ Korg Sv-1 or Grandstage/ Kawai/ Kurtzwail (I actually heard a lot of bad things regarding build quality and keyboard action on the kurtzs) or.... Rolands? or... something else? My dream is to play a real rhodes/wurly/CP80 - obviously impossible. What's the closest I can get?
  5. Hi guys and thanks so much for help. I DID managed to solve the issue, in another way. What ended up happening, and got me thinking is the DX7 wasn't having any trouble in my setup, only my JUPITER 6. The JP6, actually, and the PC too both have 3 prong cable and they are the only ones in my setup having ones! (even the monitors have 2 prongs!!) what I did is I bought 3 to 2 prong adapter so the cable would fit inside the socket without the middle prong actually connecting thus removing the need to actually remove it. Obviously I did it with my JP6 and NOT my PC (I actually tried it with the PC for experiment but it did not remove the pops/clicks only ground noise). The JP6 having only 2 prongs inside relieved the problem completely!! nowdays even Roland products doesn't use 3 prong cables!! since there were 2 different references to ground my problem occured.. now that my PC is the only 3 prong cable around I am satisfied to say there is 0 interference!!! no more stress no more anger!! quiet as all hell ) I am 100% sure your solution would have worked as well, it's funny after I wasted like 100$ in total on complicated DIs and USB isolators a 3$ solution instantly solved it...
  6. Hey thanks so muchj for answering Anderton, I didn't understand how you solved prob;em number 2. How do I connect a wire between my computer case screw to the Octa capture? I too see the GND from my octa capture I don't suppose I need to weld it?? That would mean I cannot rearrange my studio at all in the future... how did you do that?
  7. NOTE: Roland customer support sucks badly!!! They basically don't support any of the products except select few puchased in the US by US customers!! this is outrageous! I am stuck with a really serious problem for a long time and I am pulling my hair out trying to understand how to solve it. I think I will never be able to troubleshoot it. ever. It has gotten me beaten! I have a really severe problem with my Roland Octa Capture sound card! I have ground loop noises from my USB Comp>Interface only when I plug my Roland Jupiter 6 synth (My YAMAHA DX7 doesn't do ground noise). It manifests itself with extremely hard dial up modem like sound, not just sub hum. In addition, I tried using Behringer HD400 which eliminated the noise BUT now I get clicks/pops every few minutes (when my delay pedal is connected as well the click has a "delay" from the pedal - it is only with the HD400 that I get the pops/clicks. At first I was like "oh it's clocking issues" but without the HD400 in the audio chain all is good, no clicks - but ofc the terrible terrible noise is back). what to do? I'm pulling my hair out, wasted tons of $$ on USB isolators which didn't recognize the monitors for sounds coming out of the computer!! I am lost! please help!! Using Windows 10, Octa capture driver settings: 512 ms buffer, "match with Windows asio sample rate" checked "V". I am using Balanced cables and everything into 1 plug (mounted with a surge protector) Sorry for seeimngly being ranty but I can't express how tedious and tiresome it has been and this stress has not gone away since then. I really can't function in my studio thanks to this...
  8. Hey Mike, This is exactly what I need! I So basically what are the mixers tape inputs? are those tiny jacks? and control room outputs of the mixer by that you mean the main TRS 1/4 stereo outputs (one for each monitor)? Also to clock my stuff would I need to connect a TRS between my JP6 and the drum machine? or can I somehow use a mixer for them to sync up I'm kinda confused... and if I want to jam with layer and sequence, do I need something like the Beatstep pro (Arturia MIDI seq?) or what do I do? thanks so much for responding Mike and have a nice day
  9. I lost track of my old thread, although I did read the responses and it helped me understand several things. My equipment is as follows: Synths: Roland Jupiter-6 (w/ Europa), Yamaha DX7II-fd (w/ e!). Korg RK-100s Guitar and Bass guitar Drum machine: Yamaha RX5 (considering to replace it with a TR-8 and probably won't keep the RX5) Others: Scarlett 2i4 Audio interface, 4 channel poor cheap bad mixer and Cubase 8 Pro (DAW), Yamaha HS-5 monitors (x2) What I'm trying to achieve: I'm trying to have all my stuff connected the right way to have them all routed obviously to the monitors, at the same time though IDK how to sync stuff through MIDI where to connect what and which settings should I change (in both hardware and Cubase). Thing is, My Scarlett interface has 2 combo (XLR/TRS) jacks and 1 MIDI (in+out) at the back plus my mixer is too small which leaves me pretty much nothing to work with. I wonder whether I could replace both the scarlett and the mixer for one bigger machine, since I garnered more gear since then. So is there such thing Mixer+Midi /audio interface in 1 box? if not what should I get? because again I do want everything to go live in my room the moment I feel like jamming (including syncing the Jupiter's arp to Drum machine) and have it sequenced or so but I also do songwriting in Cubase whether when recording each instrument or recording from the sequencer. I would be really appreciate any help and thanks in advance guys
  10. Thanks for the answer, really helpful guys ) My scarlett 2i4 does have only 1 MIDI (in/out) so I guess that's what I gotta do, unless there's some sort of MIDI splitter thing (IDK if exists) what are examples of models with more than 1 MIDI? aside from my scarlett 2i4 I've got a poor cheap 4 channel mixer which leaves me with pretty much NOTHING to work with. Is there any way I could replace both for 1 machine that does the job of both (mixer/audio interface)? and if so which model should I get/what are my options -( Since my gear grew I need something big with more channels....)? Ii would really really appreciate help. Thanks )
  11. I am wondering, because I don't know where to connect, I would like to use the onboard arp of the Jupiter-6 (worth noting I have it w/ Europa mod, meaning much better MIDI compatibility + loads of arppegiator options) to sync up w/ my RX5 Yamaha Drum machine. Now, for example, I'd want an arping synbass sound onto the hi hat thus silencing the hi hat from RX5's Mixer gets me a groovy bass. Now to my question... My JUP-6 has clock and MIDI outputs, my RX5 has MIDI and different outputs for each part and iirc clock as well. and there's Cubase which I'd like to sync my gear onto. (cubase 8). What do I do? what's the connection setup I need? what type of clocking? what settings would I want to change? and in cubase? Thank you so much for helping a young noob trying to get into the ANALOG world ))
  12. Well I sort of had it back then but now I am not able to even hear anything through midi. Not to mention I hooked up some pads directly to the RX5 trigger outputs. Nope sound. Headphones do work when monitoring the RX5 from itself but ugh I just PLed every pad to its match in the RX5 and nothing. Again, thru MIDI nothing at all. There has got to be something I missed. Maybe a wrong connection or setting problem. The weirdest thing is I wasn't home for 2 days and now when I back (and everything was left untouched only the modules were turned off so probably saved changes lost)...... Tried to reset the RX5 still not work... :(
  13. Guys i still wasnt able to correctly configure midi. I have the td4 module and the pads are all messed up some toms the high hat and a cymbal trigger unmatching sound... How can i correct this and also triggering/sennsitivity issues? Thanks so much friends
  14. Hey, a few days ago I just programmed my first sound from scratch- it is a square like poly synth, I am beggining to get hang of the synth and manage to go through the options and change stuff rather quickly. I guess the reason I am so into old synths is bc I was born '93, and I think 80s synths are cool because I wasn't alive to use them back then. Besides today you can definitely sound unique with them.
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