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  1. Just to point out a better solution to the VB-2 latch mode thing could be to get a Line 6 M series or what have you. You can assign anything to the expression pedal, so you can go from no depth to maximum depth by rocking it forward, which should give it a natural fade in too. That way you control the intensity too, a tap tempo it to be in time with the song.

  2. I'm not sure which I want. Ideally both would make sense, but i don't know if I want to spend that much on something I may not use often(setting up Mic and Guitar/Synth can be awkward).


    The Harmonys on the Voice Box could be useful but sound kind of fake to me. The V256 can do some neat stuff, though misses the Whistle sound which can get some good flutey sounds on guitar, which is neat.


    How useful is the "Bands" knob? Are there some sound you can only get with 8/16 bands like some classic Vocoders? What would be best for getting Daft Punk kind of sounds? Everyone seems to try it with these boxes(first thing in most demos), but nobody nails it.


    Which is better for doing cool sounds with JUST Vocals or JUST Guitar?

  3. I'm very interested in hearing a synth that doesn't sound like the typical analogue modelling lark. It seemed interesting, but all the sounds I heard were on the harsh side. I like harsh, but they sounded like the same kind of harsh. The main selling point seems to be that it's a Synth with DISTORTION. I love some of the distorted synth tones on Daft Punk records(that sound from "Da Funk"), but it's not anything all that new and special. I didn't find any demos of the Venom that blew me away. I wouldn't mind having a go of one though, it seems like a decent workhorse synth.

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