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  1. I've owned this guitar for about 2 years and only play it every now and then as I prefer playing electric. I have to say this guitar was a big disappointment. I'd heard good things about Seagull, but this guitar is just not that great. There are some features of this guitar that others might like more than me, like the shape of the neck or the "smooth" tone, but this overall I can't really think of much of anything to recommend this guitar. It's is well built and sturdy, I'll give it that. But otherwise it's a spongy sounding, ill playing and too quiet, even for a smaller guitar. This gu
  2. I've been playing for 14 years with a strat as my main guitar for the last 9. I like the short scale of the Jag, as it can make some things more comfortable to play, but I'm not a big fan of some of the uniquely Jag features. My dream Jaguar would have Strat pickups and switching, the Jag bridge with Mustang saddles, and a maple fretboard with medium jumbo frets. Unfortunately I doubt anything like this has ever been made by Fender, so I'm out of luck. When it's stock, though, it just doesn't have the playability or variety and quality of sounds that I prefer. I wouldn't buy one
  3. trjones1

    Fender Strat Plus

    Still love this guitar. I'd take this over an American Standard any day, what with the big frets and locking tuners. American standard pickups suck, so either way you should switch out pickups. Strat Plus is still a fantastic value.
  4. trjones1

    Fender Strat Plus

    I don't usually give products across the board great reviews (my other reviews have more than their fair share of 5's and 6's), but these Strat Pluses are truly special guitars. It's incredibly rare for a company to take a time honored design and successfully upgrade it with modern technology, but Fender did a great job with this one. I haven't tried the new Noiseless Fender pickups, but these Lace Sensors from 20 years ago have great tone and good performance. Even if you want to change out the pickups the Strat Plus is a great platform to build on. And best of all, they're a steal for on
  5. I basically just use this pedal to get some different tones when I'm practicing or playing around. I don't ever need it playing in my band. It's fun, you can probably find it cheap somewhere. Pick it up.
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