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  1. Originally posted by Caevan O'Sh!te Alright, I'm in! I'm a TOTAL NOOB at recording, hard-disc/digital/PC-based or otherwise. I barely know how to do so with what I have. (I'll get around to that in threads with future questions, I'm certain.) I probably barely qualify to make sonic toast with the gear, hardware and software that I have. That being said, "FWIW", here's my submission for critical and expert scrutiny, scrotiny, and suggestions afield: "Soapbar Example" Currently my sole postable/linkable mp3 (hosted by a good friend). Forty-odd seconds of two guitars (or rather, one guitar, twice), tuned to Open-D, originally done on-the-fly simply to give an example of P-90 "soapbar"-equipped guitars in action. I won't bore you with any more mundane details unless they're requested. I already have my own opinions about its artistic shortcomings, don't worry about sparing my feelings or anything! It's presented here both to start off kicking the ball around, and to get any and all actual useful information that anyone cares to throw my way. (READ AS: FREE EDUCATION) Be as critical as you want! this has a lot of promise I dig it
  2. great for gigs , tiny , light weight , huge bass , and tone from a wolf in sheep's clothing , best little pedal loving amp ever . You need it , or not here's mine
  3. Originally posted by StrykeBack perhaps this one? Just paid 145 on ebay for it. It popped up and I decided to snap it up in the first couple hours since these seem to be going like hotcakes and up in price. I love delay very nice
  4. Originally posted by MrSage Well, the second from the left is the only one from the DML series, right? That one is just the plain DML (no 10 or 20). ahh , ok , anyone got pics of the other versions ?
  5. I have an OCD , it is the best pedal I have ever used , I use it with my mini z I actually called them and got the man himself , I asked this exact question and his answer was it is a completely original design .He even said the fuzz pedals and wah wahs are just that with his tweaks and mods , but this was his baby all original . cool , I dig mine # 53 rocks my z
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