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  1. I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Please try to use grammar and complete sentences.


    really? Maybe this guy is a troll that you're all sick of, but I read it and understood it right off the bat without effort...


    Personally, I'd try some pre-amp tubes.

  2. Have you tried asking here in the Diezel Forum?



    Not yet... After never getting an answer from the authorized repair techs, I contacted Olaf here via PM. He forwarded my mail (back in february) to both Peter and Terry Hicks, and all I've gotten since has been dead ends.


    I've called, e-mailed, moved up the chain, and then made more calls and e-mails. Had a few messages from Terry where he pretends it's the first time we've talked and asks me questions I've already answered, but never more than that.


    It's hard to find fault with Diezel, because they seem to genuinely want to help. Olaf is still trying to put me in contact with people, and gave me a fresh e-mail address to try today even. I'll see how that goes... :facepalm:

  3. I ruled it out right off the bat, because I have had many tube problems, but have never had thick plasticky smoke pour out of the back of the amp when they go out... Normally tubes are the first thing I check, so I don't always look for something else.


    My tubes were not redplating either

  4. So a while back, I was setting up for a show and my Diezel started smoking and had some serious sonic issues. It had never had a problem before, and always sounded great, and then out of the blue it was like it lost 90% of it's power and sounded "squishy" (for lack of a better term...)


    While I was scratching my head and fidgiting with the controls, I smelled awful plasticky smoke, and then saw it coming from the back of the amp. I immediately powered down, and unplugged it from the wall. I checked the fuses visually, and they appear to be in perfect condition.


    Is there any reason to suspect this is only a tube issue? They were still newish (guessing at around 30 hours of use) but if it was just the sonic problems I'd probably be convinced it was the tubes. I don't think I've ever heard of an amp smoking from tube failure tho... I figure that there has to be fire if there's smoke, so something's been damaged.


    So far "must be the tubes" has been the only answer I've gotten from the authorized repair tech for Diezel USA. Can anybody with experience tell me if this is possible? I don't claim to be an expert, so set me straight if I'm wrong about this, but I just can't bring myself to believe a tube change is all I need to fix this...

  5. Multi mic'ing, i usually do one off axis at 45 degrees, and one straight on, different mic's of course,but the same two can be used and
    dont forget to hit the phase inverter switch so the signals arn't canceling each other out
    and it resulting in a thinner tone. This is a good start i guess from my experence anyway.......


    Just FYI, the phase inverter switch will do a 180 degree flip. Phase cancellations from different mic distances will certainly be enough to screw with the sound, but they'll never be a full 180 degrees out, unless you are mic'ing the back of an open back cab or something.


    Ultimately, if it sounds good, then who cares if it's "right on paper". So keep doin it if it's workin for you, but I would also suggest a careful nudge to "time align" multiple tracks (look for transient spikes for comparison) and/or some of the phase aligning plug ins made by Voxengo or PSP (the names are on the tip of my tongue, but google should bring them up) for an improvement. Little labs makes excellent hardware for this purpose too, the IBP.jr is pretty cheap considering you just have to turn the knob till it sounds good :lol:

  6. His gestures and affectations are so {censored}ing strange. It's like he's an animated character or a ventriloquist's dummy.


    Hahaha, no joke... It's like Giovanni Ribisi's character in "The Other Sister" mixed with the typical dramageek and a LOOOT of drugs

  7. That is what I have a problem with - this notion that "finally we can have a black president" or "finally we can have a woman as president." Just what the {censored} is that supposed to do or mean? Prove to your guilty white conscience that you aren't racist or sexist? What a bunch of brainwashed PC horse{censored}. I wouldn't have a problem voting for a black man or a woman or whoever so long as its the
    person. That sure as hell isn't Obama. It sure as hell isn't Hillary. It sure as hell isn't McCain.

    Amen... I'm sick of this too... Man, Woman, Purple, or Blue, I don't care how our next president pee's or looks, I am just tired of voting for the lesser of the evils :rolleyes:

  8. I agree that, to continue to worship there, he must have found something at Trinity with which he connected deeply & personally. I have a hard time believe that that thing was a divisive and combative political vision.

    I have no problem sharing a church with people who would disagree with my opinions on politics. We aren't talking about healthcare or taxes here tho... these are some pretty radical beliefs that don't represent any type of majority among the faithful... It confuses me that an intelligent person with political aspirations would be comfortable hearing anti-american, anti-white, conspiracy theories for 20 years... Let alone let this man marry you, and baptize your kids.

  9. And what, pray tell, in all of
    suggests that he even remotely entertains, much less actually believes, any of that bull{censored}?


    It's not necessarily all about the campaign's official statements... That's just a propaganda operation for any politician regardless of party. People like to get a feel for a candidate beyond the cleverly worded soundbytes and website postings...

    It's undeniable that Obama is an ambitious and intelligent man, so he would have to recognize that a person holding these types of beliefs is unelectable, correct? Let's not pretend that he would say he agreed, publicly, if that was the case

    This doesn't mean automatically that he's guilty of these beliefs, it's just a reason to hold him under the microscope until we satisfy our own concerns.

  10. Metal players don't play neon guitars?!


    Either half this board just forgot about the 80's or we've come to realize that the "hair bands" are not metal afterall...


    My sunburst prestige S is the only piece of gear I've never even thought of getting rid of. I don't use it in any of my bands, but it's the guitar I play the most. I'm not an Ibanez fanboy like I was when I first got it (hence the username, heh), but I just love that guitar. I've played plenty of guitars that I would call "better", but I'll be damned if that guitar doesn't feel like home.

  11. I have an infinitely easier time listening to some of the crappiest recordings I've ever heard than this insanely over produced "best sounding" stuff of today.

    Fortunately, most bands that are worth their salt do not rely on things like this at all, because most of the time, it's just a band-aid for weak sounding music.

    So true... It's unfortunate that some of the best stuff has little to no budget while most of the ridiculous MTV drivel gets the best equipment and studios. Oh well tho, the smaller labels and studios tend to produce more intimate sounding albums that display the composition skills without "big studio" distractions and trickery. All you gotta do is let the music do it's job. Let it say what it's supposed to say and you won't need to make the voice so distracting.

    Most people just want to be entertained by music on the way to and from work I guess... In that case, what is "said" often seems to take a back seat to a gimmick.

    It's funny that somebody mentioned the Foo Fighters too, because they are one of the few "big" bands that get a recording budget that is deserved in my opinion. As much as I hate that "Alternative" sound, I can never hate the Foo Fighters.

  12. How about American Football for a softer type of thing, and The Young Widows for a darker heavier side... Are you wanting to keep the poppy aspect of Circa Survive? Or are you diggin the math rocky part of it? Check out Pedro the Lion if you haven't already. Definitely grab El Cielo by the band Dredg or perhaps the newer album if you want a catchier approach to songwriting. If you don't mind french lyrics, you could try Amanda Woodward for a good example of screamo. Grab a 3 song E.P. by them called Pleine de Grace, that album blew my mind.


    Les Savy Fav is pretty cool, except the lead singer is a tard live. If you click on this, try not to pay attention to him, haha...



    The quality on this one is garbage and the lead singer's stage presence is :freak: but you get a pretty good idea of the energy and the style it's in. I haven't gotten anything else by them except for "Is it broken doctor?" but that album has quite a few great songs...



    Here's Dredg. I'm from central california so these guys are only a few hours from me, around here everybody worships them, haha.



    Some Amanda Woodward for you too.



    Lemme know if I'm going in the right direction, and I hope I didn't name a bunch of bands you know about already, haha :thu:

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