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  1. I'm in the Nashville area. rock btw, this cab has been played a lot live so it has nicely broke in speakers and outside, although the tolex isn't shredded but it certainly doesn't look brand new. great sounding cab nonetheless.
  2. whatcha got? preferably middle tn area. I'm just south of nashville
  3. if my 2x12 orange clone (ss cabs loaded with wgs30's) i'd trade you, i've been wanting to find a straight/slant mesa cab for a while. hmm
  4. can i come jam on your elmwood sometime? dude. absolutely. let me know when you wanna jam. you got love for teh elmo?
  5. V30 The cab is rated at 8 ohms as well. where are you located?
  6. carvin legacy 2x12? what speakers does it have? the g12h or the v30?
  7. I don't live there anymore. I'm in Nashvegas (nashville)
  8. Where is Fort Smith? in north western arkansas.
  9. Any trades? I've got a custom Avatar Contemporary 2x12 loaded w/ Hellatone 60's - it's their broken-in V30's. It's in Burgundy Taurus w/ white piping, black grille. I've also got several pedals that I'm looking to unload. I'm in Asheville, NC. REALLY want this to complement my Single Rec. would prefer trades. I know that the "name brand" 2x12's like mesa, bogner, vht, orange, diezel, etc are going to deliver. I don't know much about avatar cabs, although I have played through one avatar 2x12 and didn't like it at all. The cab itself seemed way to thin and not deep enough which gave the cab no resonance. Fill me in a little better on your experiences with your Av cab, and why are you getting rid of it? thnks B
  10. . I've got an extra mesa standard oversized 4x12cab and am looking to trade for a 2x12 . Many hours of high volume on this puppy, and it is oh so sweetly broke in sound wise. Not nearly as stiff as a brand new mesa cab. It's just too big. I need a 2x12. I'm in nashville. hit me This cab has been played quite a bit live, so that's why it doesn't look like new, but it sure sounds good.
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