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  1. The title of this article reminds me of the ol' joke... hum a few bars and I'll fake it sammy.
  2. Modelers and sims have their place comma however... "I love the smell of tube amps in the morning!"
  3. Yeah, got lucky. I was preparing for a much deeper dive. Thanks!
  4. I dropped by Starving Musician today and lo and behold they had an AD999 for $149. Pretty good deal so I picked it up. Got home and tried it out, but no effects where audible when it was in the active position (just dry signal). I took it back for a refund and told them that I could probably fix it (I'm a EE of 20 years), so they offered it to me for $80 (after refund). I took the deal and took the unit home. I noticed that the unit had been opened before (due to roughened phillips screws). I opened it up and after inspecting it for 10 minutes or so I noticed the metal spacer that separates the circuit boards was put in backwards, likely shorting out a section of the circuit board. I put it back together (properly) and whala! the unit works perfectly. Sweeeeeet!!!! I figure some knucklehead took it apart to see how it worked, put it back together after realizing that there wasn't hamster running on a wheel inside and then pulled a fast on the guys at Starving Musician. The best part is that Starving Musician got what they paid for it, I got a great effects unit for a song and the knucklehead took it in the shorts :-) Man, this thing sounds great... best delay I've ever owned. And a great story to-boot.
  5. Turn your guitar upside down and try playing it with the left-handed (or right-handed for lefties). It'll give you appreciation for what new players are going through.
  6. Yeah, I've never been able to get open D to not sound like open D. Laurence Juber does some amazing things with it though.
  7. This is a good reminder for me to put straplocks on my new Collings. I'd cry for a week if that ever hit the floor.
  8. Sure did. I still need to post the NGD, even though I've had if for 3 weeks now. Hands down the best guitar I've ever played. Holy cow those Collings guys know what they're doing! Plays like a dream, the Lollar P90s are super quiet too. BTW, I sold three of my guitars to get the Collings. Turns out that I'd rather have one $2400 guitar than three $800 guitars
  9. More specifically Collings 290 with a High Power Twin (4 x 6L6 amp). Pure sweetness, I tell ya. What's your favorite combination?...
  10. Eddie V. on Beat It is the first that comes to mind. Man, that blew my mind at the time.
  11. True dat. It's funny (strange) that we may have come to a point where song spinoffs are actually becoming accepted. While I'm not a big fan of Creative Commons, I do understand that share and share alike concept is meant to free us from being shamed by a lift, or a sample for that matter. Heck, Funky Cold Medina is an awesome song - using the EVH sample. I think the Sam Smith song is great and I'm glad he created it. Probably heresy to say, but I actually prefer it over Won't Back Down - which is not one of Petty's best IMO. Of course his best stuff is that which us mere mortals can only dream of creating. I tend to believe people's intentions are best, and therefore like to think Sam Smith didn't know. This mindset either make me prone to be taken advantage of or invites a lot of goodness into my life - the jury's still out.
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