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  1. Lemme think---how did that go? Oh yeah. BITE ME, TWIZZLESTICK!
  2. Back in the mid 70s I had a D-35 built in the mid 60s that was a typical Martin CANNON. Loved that guitar. It got sold when I got broke. Life sucks sometimes. Few of the newer Martins I've played have impressed me much. Go figger.
  3. The neck is being made by Steve Parker. Straight-grain maple with an ebony board, big Strat headstock, 22 medium jumbo nickel/silver frets, two dots at the 12th fret (no other fb inlays), side dots. I'll cut a bone nut for it. Haven't chosen tuners yet. The pickguard is being made by Richard Flatt. Single-ply birch, no finish (haven't decided what I want yet). I'll be doing the pickup routs; he wasn't sure where to put them. It's an atypical design. Only two pot bores, centered between the usual three. Normal switch slot. Andrew Robertson wound the P90s. Really looking forward to he
  4. One-piece ash body created for me by Gary Price of Pryce Guitars. Cut for 2 P90s, no jack plate in the face (7/8" lower rim bore for Electrosocket). Building coats of tung oil here.
  5. Will this work? I suck at computers---YAY! It worked!
  6. For years I wanted a mahogany/spruce OM built to my specs (standard OM construction, trim &c of my choice). In May of this year, I got it. Mr. Freeman Keller, our very own fellow forumite, built it for me. It has turned out to be everything I wanted, he did an outSTANDing job. Its voice is just starting to really open up, so I have much to look forward to yet (not to infer it doesn't sound great as-is, but you know how it is with new acoustics). I currently own some 30 guitars of all kinds. None of them are real high-dollar collectibles but that doesn't concern me much. My retirement
  7. Sears Silvertone acoustic, 12th birthday, 1970! A friend's kid (now an adult) still has it.
  8. I played Mark's Messenger years and years ago (he's a homeboy). "Piece of junk!" was my thought---
  9. Trying to overcome the effects of the strokes that partially paralyzed the left side of my body and get back to what I could do 10 years ago. Making some small progress.
  10. Well...if a 40w iron is sufficient, then a 140w GUN should be better---right?
  11. mbengs1, you obviously like to fiddle around (pun intended) with your guitars. That's great! I do too! I don't think a single one of my 30 or so instruments is unmodified, at least a little. So I'm going to give you some advice that you didn't ask for and may disregard if you so choose. LEARN TO DO IT YOURSELF. It's not hard. There is a lot of help available---many knowledgeable and generous folks right here on this board, plus many other resources. From what I've seen of your posts, this "luthier" you've been using is less than acceptable. However, some people just want to play 'em,
  12. You just stop making sense, 'Mack. YOU STOP IT RIGHT NOW
  13. Peace, okay. Look. I'm not the smartest guy who ever put two feet on the ground, but I DO have a degree in electronics technology (from the day when they still taught discrete components and tube theory), plus several years'/hundreds of guitars' worth of experience, and I'm averring that this has nothing to do with freqs and everything to do with simple mathematics. Study up on Ohm's Law. It will clarify my argument nicely.
  14. Hell no. There aren't special rules for DanO only. If you don't want replies, don't post in public. You claimed that a .047uF cap was unsuited for a guitar circuit and it went from there. I retract my "self-righteous idiocy" comment and apologize---that was uncalled for---but dang it, D, that was a pretty outrageous claim.
  15. I don't put much faith in random azzholes on the internet---I know what works from EXPERIENCE, never mind what the idiots say. ...and who says I have to ignore you? I never made any such claim. You know everything about everything, whether you do or not---I'll point out your self-righteous idiocy whenever I feel like it.
  16. Every single coil pickup manufacturer I know of uses and recommends .047uF capacitors. "Some folks"? Who?
  17. .047uF is the standard capacitor value for single-coil guitar pickup circuits. .022uF for humbuckers.
  18. Freeman Keller is a bad influence (yup).
  19. Nice work, BA! Also, you may try a different taper for your tone pot---maybe.
  20. is there anything you DON'T know everything about? and is there ANYTHING I can say that you won't gainsay? tiresome this is a major reason I don't post much here anymore
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