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  1. Darrell Mansfield plays harmonica, and he has several solos where he makes the harmonica sound like a guitar. On "Blues With a Feeling", Eric Turner (guitarist from the Resurrection Band, I think) gets a sound that is very harmonica like. There is one part I had to listen to a dozen times to figure out if it was guitar or harmonica. So, yeah: overdriven neck pickup, extremely strong attack (to simulate the tongue attack of the harmonica) and make sure you study the notes. I also thought that Pete Townsend got a very harmonica style sound on some of his stuff back in the late 80s. Traded licks with a harmonica guy where they sounded very similar. But that was a decade before I started playing guitar, so maybe my ear wasn't discriminating enough.

  2. Just became a Yamaholic.

    I've been a guitar wheeler/dealer for a few years.  At least 100 guitars have cycled through my hands over the last few years, maybe closing in on 200 now.

    I had a PAC120S, loved the sound...but sold it to get cash for a Westone I wanted that was more "collectible".  Then I got an SE250 for pretty cheap, but the trem didn't stay in tune.  Sounded great, tho.  But I sold it cuz of the trem.

    Then I stumbled across a pretty PAC 402S that I sold to raise money for a USA Hamer that I wanted.  But it had great tone, too.


    So I've been waiting/watching for another 402S to come up on eBay...waited...waited...waited...waited.

    The numbering system was not clear to me, except that the higher the leading digit, the better quality the guitar.


    Picked up a Yamaha RGZ 211M for $70 at a pawn shop.  Was impressed with the tone and playability off of a 200-series guitar.

    Based on that, I started watching for other Yamahas on eBay and Guitar Center.

    Then about 2 months ago, I saw an RGX 1212 for under $500 shipped.  I jumped on it.  Bid on several other high end Yamahas, but ended up getting a PAC 1221 for $380 shipped.  And an RGX 612 for $210 shipped (but found out after it arrived that it was missing saddled).  Saw an SSC 500 on Guitar Center for $300 and grabbed it.  Then went back to the same pawn shop and talked them down on an RGX 402S-D6 from $399 down to $150.  Finally, I grabbed a PAC 821S body only from eBay for $125 shipped, and then an email to the seller found out he had the neck, too...so talked him into selling me that for $100 shipped, and it plays/sounds perfect after re-uniting the parts.

    So now I'm a total convert.

    These are amazing playing and sounding guitars.

    I've sold several of my decent (and excellent for the price I paid for them) Westones to cover the cost of the Yamahas.

    But as I've been playing them...wow!...I'm thinking about selling even my USA Hamers and Westone X390 Panteras.  The 1212, 1221, and 812 are *that* good.  They are *that* much fun to play.


    Just completely totally awesome guitars.

  3. I sold my "needs work" Godin Acousticaster to a dealer who was told of the flaw and the type of repair needed.

    He was fine with it.

    I was fine with it.

    I'm down to 105 guitars.

    I'll never catch up with you...but I'm okay with that.

  4. These started out in chronological order, but that started breaking down around #110 or so when I started remembering other guitars I owned that I had forgotten to list.


    Note line 81/82: I've bought/sold 46 guitars just since last March.


    Edited to add: Asterisks indicate still in my possession. Double asterisk indicates slated to be sold soon.


    1. Can

  5. lol...that's a bit of a stretch......come on man...every one knows what people mean when they say "plywood" and nobody associates that with the construction of a les paul with a solid back and solid maple top.

    And who says bolt on are inferior? The closest thing I've seen to a controlled study on the subject...which has been posted here in the past...showed that bolt on provided the most sustain, then glued, and lastly neck through.

    As for glue...we don't really know the effect. You're making assumptions. You can't say glue between a maple top and a body does NOT have a negative effect just because other people say it's the best way to join a neck to a body.

    I don't know either way...it would have to be tested in a controlled way.


    Well, that's the thing, isn't it?

    What is the difference between plywood and holding two different pieces of wood together with glue? Nothing...unless one wants to justify $2k for a Gibson.


    The people saying that bolt-on necks suck tone and are inferior to set necks are the hardcore Les Paul fans...who then turn around and say that the TOM is superior for tone because it transmits the vibration deep into the body...ignoring that bolt-on necks *also* have metal rods that go deep into the guitar body, at a critical vibration node.


    And the people who tout the awesomeness of their one-piece Les Paul body over the mid-80s Japan 2- and 3-piece bodies are, again, not being consistent when you think about whatever is holding the maple cap on top of the mahogany body.


    But, actually, I don't have a dog in the fight. I don't like Strats or Les Pauls.


    And I found out that the guitar with my most favoritist tone is, in fact, made of plywood. It kind of rocked my world much like in the "My Angel is a Centerfold" song, and changed the way I think of guitars by quite a bit.


    I was already "quality over name brand", now I'm more fully, "If it works, who cares how it works?"

  6. There are 1.3 billion people in China. Safe to say there are probably 130 million of guitar playing age, and 13 million interested in doing so, and the society just now having the money to spend on luxuries like electric guitars.


    Then there's India, not sure how they are doing on getting interested in electric guitar playing.


    And that's only 2/5ths of the world's population. The US has like 1/23rd of the population, and we still have thousands of kids getting their first new guitar every year.

  7. Pic of Gibson's

    Fixed that for you.

    You know, isn't a mahogany body w/ a maple cap actually a form of plywood? Two pieces of wood held together by glue, at the very least. I've never understood why metal rods for a bridge are so wonderful for transmitting vibrations into the wood, but metal rods at a neck joint are far inferior to two pieces of wood joined by glue...but when those two pieces of wood joined by glue aren't in a neck joint but a two-piece body, suddenly it sucks again...but all the glue between a maple cap and mahogany body doesn't harm tone/vibration at all...


    ...I just don't like Les Pauls much, to tell the truth...but the things people tell themselves to convince themselves they got a good value are often inherently self-contradictory.

  8. Oh, absolutely.


    I have at least 20 Superstrats based on the fantasy concept that if I have a guitar that looks, plays, and sounds right, I will suddenly be able to play like Paul Gilbert, Dan Huff, or George Lynch.


    It hasn't happened yet, so clearly it is just that I haven't found the right Superstrat yet.

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