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  1. FrostByte

    FS: Peavey XXX

    Feck... I wanted another one and was looking for the right deal... You post this the day after I pull the trigger on a Vypyr Tube 120 If I don't like the Vypyr, and this is still around, I'll take it
  2. Sorry guys, gotta pass on those. Marshall = too big, Mesa = not really an EL84 fan Thanks anyway!
  3. Did I miss the price ?? If you did, I did as well. Read ~3 times... If it's free, I call DIBS!
  4. Whatcha got? Preferably ~100 watts.
  5. Some really great clips and vids in this thread! Thinking about buying one of these. Are they way better than the rp1000 I used to have? What is a good foot controller for it? How is the digitech one? The RP1000 and GSP1101 are nearly the same thing with more processing power and routing options in the GSP. The Control2 is AWESOME!!! Can't imagine there being a better controller for it out there.
  6. I'm well aware the change is minor, but if it helps and it's 40 bucks then why not? I'm just wondering if it's so minor that it's not really even worth it Can you do it yourself? I say its worth it if that's the case but if you have to pay a tech... maybe not.
  7. I added one to a XXX and a 5150. Minor difference but worth the time and money IMO.
  8. How much cash monies? Is it the first edition 3 channel or one of the newer ones?
  9. Interested in a 6505+? I would, of course, need some money from you
  10. No pics at the moment but: 6505+ GSP1101 Mesa Oversized cab Guitars: Schecter Hellraiser 7-string LTD MH350FR This is just the stuff I use in my main band. I have 5 other amps and a total of 9 guitars.
  11. Ibanez XPT707FX with case?
  12. If this is still around in about a week, I do believe I'll partake. No can do right now
  13. Yeah I'm digging that. They should just make a new movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd4HAtUEdAw Not a movie but the first part of the series is out now! If you haven't seen it, wait for the Baraka/Johnny Cash scene.
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