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  1. The heir? Whoa! I'm surprised he only had one shop. Never crazy about Goobers myself, but I've never known anyone who didn't love Raisinets.
  2. LOL! Yeah, that was a rough hump to get over, but he's still McCartney. I hated "Coming Up," too, for a long time, but it's actually not bad in concert.
  3. I'm really happy that he's still (very) active and putting out fresh material at...what, 77? But I'm not terribly impressed by either track. I agree with those who say it sounds sterile and might as well be McCartney 3 in that it sounds like his one-man-band recordings.
  4. It sounds like we're pretty much in agreement here that talent trumps production and a great song tops both. But taking this in a slightly different direction...I think a great singer takes the pot, as it's been shown over and over again that a truly gifted vocalist/stylist (e.g., Sinatra, Billie Holiday, etc.) can take a weak song and turn it into something extraordinary.
  5. Excellent call! IMO, the performances weren't so hot, either. Amazing. Combine one of the music industry's best producers with some of the era's most notable talents and come up with an all-around lackluster effort. Who would have guessed it?
  6. I just want to clarify this to avoid confusion: AFAIK, he actually bought up the publishing rights to the song; not just for that one performance you referred to.
  7. No, I'm not. I'm just noting the main source of his ton of money. Are you suggesting he made more from his record sales?
  8. Um...he actually made most of it by plagiarizing "Under Pressure." When he got sued, he worked out a deal to buy the rights to the song. As it turned out, it was the best career move he ever made.
  9. I would say this amp perfectly met my expectations and even held its own at a recent gig in a small club without going through the PA (haven't used the XLR Out yet). I'm still experimenting with the sound, but I'd say I'm pretty happy with it overall. Definitely could recommend it for both practice and limited live gigs. Strangely enough although the presets all seem to work, the Synth setting sounds wonky to me (as in the circuit is fried...although I don't know if that's actually possible). At first, I thought it was just the effect, but it seems to be definitely cutting out. .
  10. Just a couple of the meatier ones from a quick Internet search. I'm sure there's more out there: http://abbeyrd.proboards.com/thread/4819/george-martin-true-story http://www.thebeatlesrarity.com/2015/01/08/asknat-concerning-george-martins-place-in-signing-the-beatles-and-selecting-their-first-single/
  11. I'm almost done reading Lewinsohn's massive tome, Tune In (it's extremely well researched, informative, but not especially well written)...and I can tell you, by all historical accounts, that Pete sucked (at least back then; I give him big props for staying with it). He was also a moody loner who didn't fit in at all with the other three. Also, he was essentially their ticket to Hamburg; they wouldn't have gotten the gig without a drummer. After their audition with EMI, George Martin insisted that Best not play on any records. Moreover, when they did the recordings with Tony Sheridan, the producer, Bert Kaempert, took all of Pete's drums away except a snare. By the way, for all of his genius, George Martin never intended to sign the Beatles to EMI; but was rather forced to by his boss as a type of punishment for Martin ruffling his feathers. He initially passed as well.
  12. Anyone can. Pete Best was a frickin' anchor around their necks.
  13. Thanks, I will. TBH, I don't think I've ever actually heard one, but I'm hopeful. How do you think it would fare in a small club (we're a pop trio)?
  14. I'm in the same boat. I've been a guitarist for decades, but I've been playing bass almost exclusively for the past year and a half thru my PC at home, and thru backlines and PAs when playing out. I finally broke down recently and decided I needed my own amp. I was looking for one that could serve double duty at home and in small venues, and it needed to be as portable as can be ('cause I'm old). I picked up a Line6 Lowdown Studio 110 the other night in an online auction. On paper, it sounds like everything I'm looking for...75W, 23lbs., great reviews. Now, I just hope it arrives in working condition.
  15. Not so much break as disintegrate. I was long overdue for a string change.
  16. Definitely not a Yamaha, although the body looks similar to an FG-75. Aside from that, not a clue.
  17. bluzboy


    I've had this happen to me on occasion, though, thankfully, not very often. It's mostly the thumb, but the other fingers seem to be paralyzed as well. I have to manually bend them with my right hand. It doesn't last very long, but it's pretty scary for those few seconds. I have no idea what causes it. Circulation trouble, perhaps?
  18. Hank, Jr.? Nice tune, too! And, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the intro/first couple of lines sound very much like a new song I heard on the radio in the last week or so. Can't remember the name or the artist, but if I catch it, I'll post back in here. (What's that they say about great minds?)
  19. I still love my old Yammies...but Happy NGD! (Sounds like you've made a good choice.)
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