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  1. Then it seems that of the two the Seagull is the easy decision.
  2. How hard of a strummer are you? I would say of the two I would probably go with the Seagull because it has a spruce top. You would be able to strum the Breedlove but the cedar top would not have as much headroom if you strum hard - and the wood itself is very prone to dents and scratches. Cedar is usually sought out by fingerpickers.
  3. Zombie bump. It’s May. Too late?
  4. I’m still wondering who’s actually digging up these zombie posts and what’s the best type of wood to use as a stake to put them down? Torrified spruce harvested on a Supermoon in Transylvania or sinker mahogany drudged from the bottom of the Amazon?
  5. This is true. They might follow some specs but there are clear cost-cutting measures in place. My F360 has laminated construction, off quarter sawn bracing, no patch on the X brace (which is what killed it BTW) and dowel/epoxy neck joint (not a dovetail joint.) OTOH on closer inspection the specs for prewar Martin’s were mostly followed otherwise - but according to John Hall over at the Kit Guitars Forum (who has restored several prewar Martins) the bracing on those were beefier than modern Martins. The measurements on my ‘73 F360 matches many of the specs he cited. The main transverse brace is 1/2” thick and 9/16” tall - and there’s no “popsicle stick.” Even the lower face braces are 5/16” wide and 5/8” tall. What really got me about my “lawsuit” Tak is that the plywood top is 3/32” (.093) thick. A 40 year old solid top would have cracked under the abuse that guitar has seen.
  6. “Lawsuit” isn’t marketing, it’s myth. There were no lawsuits.
  7. At just 5 posts and a thread that's 7 years old the OP has mostly likely moved on and is now posing this question to the Dali Lama. If somebody searches this up though, here's my answer: 1: Try heavier gauge strings - by "heavier" I mean .013"-.056." Silk and steel are for guitars that are ready to fall apart or for people with carpal tunnel. 2: use a pick thicker than 1mm that's not made of hard plastic. You want something that will drive the strings but not make an annoying clicking sound 3: don't keep it in its case if the RH is above 35%, it needs to breathe. 4: play it like it owes you money. A big part of tone is in technique. 5: if that doesn't work, get a Martin.
  8. I'm not a professional musician but have been unemployed in the past and have often used the downtime as an opportunity to learn new things in the interest of reinventing myself. Have any of you been doing something along these lines during the downtime? Do you think that the climate will change because of all of this social distancing. I imagine that there will be many songs written about this experience.
  9. What if you're not monetized though? My channel is not even close to the requirements.
  10. It occurs to me watching these videos that music is a young person's game. I prefer to do my videos neck down and keeping with the current trends in teleconferencing have an engaging back drop. I also tend to shy away from posting covers because of the whole music policy thing. I know that there are a lot of people in the YouTube Partnership program who have dubious talent but their music policy baffles me with how it attempts to skirt copyright law. https://youtu.be/L2B2V9t1chg
  11. I have to agree with Daddymack here - they are NOTHING like Martins. I have the remains of a F360 (laminated top) and research has shown that they only go for $400 in mint conditon - which mine clearly is NOT! When I diagnosed a cracked X brace I decided to order materials directly from Martin to replace the entire top using 1/4" bracing. When I routed off the top I found that the bracing was CLUNKY in comparison with a SPRUCE bridge plate. That's a soft wood, not a hard wood like maple or rosewood. The neck joint was also a butt joint with 5 wooden dowels for alignment; again - NOTHING like a Martin with a dovetail or even MT joint. I'd also dispute the quoted value of a 12 string with any laminated construction - especially one that's over 30 years old. Even a used Taylor 150e goes for less than that.
  12. It's gloomy outside but it's warm and the rain is supposed to hold off for awhile so I'm going to brave the back porch for a songwriting session. I don't think it will be done but I'll record it on my phone and maybe put it on YouTube. If I get a copyright strike I would be surprised yet proud that somebody noticed it!
  13. Already done, I just can't stand being in a bedroom during the day. It used to be my office but turned into a nursery. Now it's a guest room. If you've seen the recent pics of my ukulele you would also recognize that the cat has adopted it. It's also gotten a little cluttered. I guess I kind of resent that my wife adopted my "picking parlor" as her new home office. On the bright side, we're now planning on installing French doors so once she's off the clock I can have it back . Really, though I prefer playing outside but the weather hasn't been cooperating yet - though I just picked up a fire pit.
  14. Not really. My wife is working from home in the living room and is on conference calls all day.
  15. OMG. Sorry so salty! It's this social distancing. I've haven't slipped like this since my Navy days!
  16. I wish spring would get here. I like doing this type of work outside in the sun. My basement is cluttered and dark. I'm still working on the mold and bending forms. I have three outlines cut on my 9" bandsaw so far. It isn't the best but I need the practice.
  17. How long will this thread be open? I'm actually working on an original in honor of World Autism Awareness Month and fleshing out the lyrics. I had a bit of a "breakthrough" last night with a melody for the refrain but as always am struggling with making the lyrics too wordy and trite. Also, with everyone being home and under foot I don't have the freedom to just sit and play during the day without causing a ruckus for others or competing with the television in the evening. Of course, I have a cover of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" on hand but you guys are better than that. ;o)
  18. For years, apparently too. I turned 50 last year. I'd really like a new Martin 00 or 000 - but I'm choosing to build it myself with parts purchased from the Guitar Maker's Connection along with materials from elsewhere. I see the saying over at AGF that it's better to be a player rather than a "polisher" but it doesn't apply if you make the sawdust yourself IMHO.
  19. I've also been tinkering in iMovie on my iPhone and am starting to put things up on my Youtube channel. https://youtu.be/rTLIq1UCOdw
  20. I've been playing around with iMovie on my iPhone a lot: [youtube]QLZsOd97i74[/youtube]
  21. TBH I'm kind of bummed that the annual McKnight jam is on hold for now. Tim had approached me about recording some samples with his guitars for him to put on his website. We actually did something like this 10 years ago but it never went anywhere because he wanted to hand them out in CD form at trade shows but it would have cost a lot because we'd have to pay to press a large run that we'd essentially be giving away. Eventually even the master recordings and the track info got lost but I did save 30 second snippets on my personal cloud account.
  22. Yes, the Burmese is sort of a derivative of the Siamese but with yellow eyes - as is the Tonkinese which have blue eyes. My wife and I cat sat her aunt's Burmese several years before acquiring our Leela but we fell in love with how playful and personable the breed is. We were also told that if you get one you should get another so that they can entertain each other, otherwise they will go daft and go on tears through the house. Otherwise they are are lap cats and are not stand offish about it at all - quite the opposite in fact. If you sit down they will just park on your lap and it takes a lot of effort to get up. Even if you shift around they will just wait for you to settle down, then move right back in and make themselves comfortable. They also have an almost dog-like quality in that they will seek you out and have even been known to play fetch. Not so much anymore, but she's still playful in the mornings.
  23. I believe it’s redwood. Thanks. The uke was a gift. The cat is a Burmese who will celebrate her 20th birthday in June. She’s nearly deaf and will meow for us at the top of her lungs, much like a Siamese.
  24. I have lots of guitars but nothing really high end. That being said, my only ukulele is my nicest instrument - and I have absolutely NO clue how to play more than 2 songs on it. One of these days I'd like a custom 6 string - from a certain somebody else who know what they're doing.
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