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  1. You do know that you sent this question to HC Admin, right? KjStrat62 has not received it...
  2. Among my many duties is that of the 'Ghost Moderator.' I am in all forums all of the time... I was a pert of the team that created zZounds which in turn purchased Harmony-Central. As HC grew, it became too much for one man to handle, so I was brought in to help out as I could. When I started cleaning the place up, no-one knew who was doing it. They knew WHY their posts were being deleted, they just didn't know WHO was doing it. It worked, and I have been doing primarily this gig since '03. I'm good at this for two reasons: I have good judgement, and I have a really thick skin. So. Pour it on me. I can take it. ROTFL!
  3. Skunk

    ATTN: Mods/Admin

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have t as bad as you do... Bad being a relative term, of course. Does the software hang up and do other wierd {censored} from time to time? Well, the word i would use is yes. Does it aggravate me? Yes again. Does it cost me the first nickel? Absolutely NOT! It's free for all comers, regardless of your level of skill or if your even a musician Case and point, we even let DRUMMERS post here, and everyone knows that they just like to hang around with musicians... (LOL) The major point here is, this site was started some ten years ago buy a couple of MIT students in their dorm room. It grew organically and exponentially, with no real plans for either. By the time they merged with zZounds (2001 or so) they had three large mainframe servers that didn't communicate very well with each other. A year or so later they sold the business to MF, a main competitor of zZounds. MF got the three servers to talk to each other and installed the latest version of the vBulletin software. They also hired a team of serious propeller heads to do this upgrade. We all know that upgrades and optimization take a good deal of man hours and some serious propeller twirling... We talk to them all the time. Probably more than you do and definitely more than you think we do. So a little more slack and a little mre patience is all we need and we can go back to being the one, big, happy family that we are... Cool?! (LOL!!!)
  4. Fellas: The "Scheduled Maintenance" thing happens to us as well. It's been going on now for 3-4 months. I am told that it has something to do with IE 6 or 7... Or Safari... Or Firefox... I took that last to mean that they aren't sure what's causing the issue, and that they are assiduously working it. I have found that the back-page button, refresh, and persistence seem to work most of the time. It does try one's patience, though, don't it?!
  5. Caitlin: How are you? Only reason I'm here is to let you know that your Picaso boost is my only desert island pedal. Take the wahs, take the Tube Screamers, take the delays. None of them gives me the sparkle and clarity in my tone as the SCP -- plus your guarantee. Remember the rebuild you did for me? All this being said, you suck, you are a reprehensible, pathetic exuse for a human being, you smell, no one likes you, everyone thinks you're stupid and -- how are you my old friend?! LOL...
  6. Small amounts of spam are tolerated in this forum (as decided by a majority of forumites.) However, now that we have the "For Sale" forums, off-topic spam will moved to whichever "For Sale" categorie deemed most appropriate. I have moved your spam twice now, once to the Misc categorie in the For Sale forum, and the second time to Thread Jail. Please stop posting the same spam. One spam thread in the appropriate categorie will suffice.
  7. Kids, this whole thing is bad idea for more reasons than I care to enumerate (although Lawsuits do spring immediately to mind.) Thi is like a junor high school 'slam book'
  8. Every time someone reports a thread to the Moderators, it is sent to all of the moderators -- all of them. If there is no specific Mod for any given forum (read: Amps), it is sent the Administrators -- again, to all of them. That being said, there are some Adminstrators whose specific job duties are: responding to reported posts and threads, containing trouble and dealing with troublemakers, and perusing the entire forum looking for problematic posts and threads. This job is not easy, as it requires a good deal of diplomacy, a deft touch, and a seriously thick skin. I am one thse admins, and I find I spend a great deal of time here in HCAF as this is one of the most problematic forums on HC. The point of all the aboive is to reinforce the often typed message THE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN UNMODERATED FORUM ON HC! We have been here since the inception of the site. The larger point here is this. Comments like "Silly boy, the closest thing to a Mod that reads this forum is me." are false.
  9. C'mon, guys. No less than five different people have reported this thread for the fighting. If you can't behave ike reasonable adults, well: Thread closed.
  10. Oh, come on! This is rdiculous and has NOTHING whatsoever to do with amps. Thread closed, then gone.
  11. Threads get locked when they go downhill fast (See the thread hat Phil locked.) Threads also get locked when the Mods and Admins wish to make point, e.g. "This is stupid and just a general waste of bandwidth. Don't do this anymore." (Seethe thread that I locked.) Threads that provide no value or insight to anyone anywhere simply get deleted. 80% of all the reported posts and threads come from this forum and we are trying to do something about that fact.
  12. What is this nonsense and what does it have to do with amps?! There is a place for posts like this on this forum and its called Open Jam. Thread closed.
  13. That's it, I've had it. Mike, leave it alone. The rest of you, leave Mike alone. Thread closed.
  14. This is not about amps in any way, shape, or form. Instead, it resembles more of a pointless waste of bandwidth. Recognizing the need for occasional 'pointless' discussions with friends, we created a place on our site for you to do just that. It's called "Open Jam." However, 77 pages of aimless meandering in a forum that is supposed tobe about amps? I don't think so. Thread closed.
  15. Stop the trolling and flame-baiting or this thread is history. Got that, Riffy?
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