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  1. You do know that you sent this question to HC Admin, right? KjStrat62 has not received it...
  2. Caitlin: How are you? Only reason I'm here is to let you know that your Picaso boost is my only desert island pedal. Take the wahs, take the Tube Screamers, take the delays. None of them gives me the sparkle and clarity in my tone as the SCP -- plus your guarantee. Remember the rebuild you did for me? All this being said, you suck, you are a reprehensible, pathetic exuse for a human being, you smell, no one likes you, everyone thinks you're stupid and -- how are you my old friend?! LOL...
  3. Kids, this whole thing is bad idea for more reasons than I care to enumerate (although Lawsuits do spring immediately to mind.) Thi is like a junor high school 'slam book'
  4. C'mon, guys. No less than five different people have reported this thread for the fighting. If you can't behave ike reasonable adults, well: Thread closed.
  5. This is not about amps in any way, shape, or form. Instead, it resembles more of a pointless waste of bandwidth. Recognizing the need for occasional 'pointless' discussions with friends, we created a place on our site for you to do just that. It's called "Open Jam." However, 77 pages of aimless meandering in a forum that is supposed tobe about amps? I don't think so. Thread closed.
  6. C'mon, guys. NO LYNCHING ON THE FORUMS. Thread closed.
  7. This can only lead to a lynch mob mentality. For this reason: thread closed.
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