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  1. Thanks everyone, Peter, what do you use? Why do you prefer it?
  2. Hi there. My 2008, maxed out iMac has gone to the great beyond and I need to come up with a solid but not overly expensive solution. Does anyone use a mac mini with Logic? If so, how is it? Any problems with latency or speed? Worth doing? What modifications (if any) would make for the best use (i7, ssd, etc.) Thanks, Caseous
  3. Thanks. I'm interested to hear more about the PX5S? Is the action better than the P95? Why is it considerably less expensive than the MP7? Thanks, CC
  4. Hi there. I'm looking for a keyboard for gigging: I need a light but versitile machine, if possible. 88 keys, weighted is pretty necessary for me, too. Mostly playing piano, organ, with a few random sounds here and there. Right now, I play a Yamaha P95, which is fine, actionwise and is probably the lightest 88 out there. However, I need better sound, especially organs. I started looking around and saw the Korg Krome 88. It sounds pretty good and I like the interface. However, the action seemed kind of crazy to me: way too light, like a cross between weighted & unweighted, but with this weird, delayed snap-back of the keys. Also, the key noise was pretty high and I play a lot of soft piano that might really get impacted by that. The thing is, I don't live very close to a store that sells these, so I can't really try them in a lot of places. Is it possible I just tried out a lemon? Does anyone have this keyboard and like it? If so, what do you think of the action and how did it figure into your decision? I get that there's not much in this price range (would be extremely happy to deal with the weight of a Nord Stage 2 88 if I could afford it!) and wasn't thrilled by much else I saw but maybe I missed something. Any thoughts? Many thanks, CC
  5. Hey there. Got a show a somewhat long plane ride away. I usually keep my Nord in a soft case for my local gigs but I figure that I hard case if I stand half a chance of seeing it arrive in one piece. Any suggestions on case brands or advice? Thanks, CC
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