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  1. These threads depress me...I need moar gear.
  2. I have no idea where the guy lives or anything. If I really had a choice I would just pack them up and sit them on his back porch or something. I am not trying to be an asshole about the whole situation. But I just don't have room for them. I've been calling/texting/facebooking him about every other day for 2 weeks now asking him to come and get them and he hasn't even responded. I just don't want to start threatening this and that without grounds to stand on.
  3. I had this drummer come over to my house and jam about 6 months ago and he left his drums. Well he kinda sucked ass and I never had him back..But I keep trying to get a hold of him and he keeps saying that he is going to get them but then never shows..Well now he doesn't even respond to calls/texts. It's getting to be a pain in the ass because I really don't have room for them. How long do I have before I can just say the hell with it and get rid of them?
  4. I have mixed feelings on Trappist beers...I will get one and it will be awesome then get the same thing a few weeks later and it will taste like crap. Chimay red is my fav.
  5. Adding Robin would ruin it...and no I don't mean Robin Williams. That doesn't count. This
  6. Although in reality a watt is a watt is a watt. There are no tube watts vs ss watts. A 100W tube amp will be equally as loud as a 100w ss amp in dB's. The trick is in the fact that a tube amp distorts at high volumes in a way which we don't perceive as distortion but as an increase in volume whereas an ss amp will produce very ugly sounding distortion (breakup) at high volumes. I couldn't have said it better.
  7. The 100 doesn't sound good until the volume in on 4 which is enough to make a small dog or cat explode if it's in the same room as you. If put mics on your amps at practice then there is no need for the 100. I've had both. But honestly in my situation we don't mic our gear...I couldn't hear the 50 clearly over our drummer. Our drummer plays hard and loud as shit though. I though both of them had equal tone...The hundred was just louder. And I know you said that you don't like the clean channel...But myself I personally love the DSL cleans.
  8. I get into heavier {censored} the older I get. Idk its like nothing is heavy enough anymore.
  9. Yeh man I started balding at 19. But I had a full beard and a full set of pubes when I was like 11 so...
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