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  1. This is truth. I still find it's better than selling to some guitar shop who will give you half of what they expect to sell it for, but it's almost not worth the hassle these days.

  2. Supposed to be decent weather this weekend. If you like Star Wars (and who doesn't?) the Pacific Science Center has an amazing exhibit of props and costumes from all the movies.

    In Seattle, Emerald City Guitars is a great guitar museum. I'm a bass player, so Bass NW is like shrine for me. In the University District, check out The Trading Musician for a cool used shop.

    Eat Elliot's Oyster House for amazing (but not cheap) seafood.


    THIS. These are all great recommendations. Listen to Yarbicus!

  3. Like The Avett Brothers, Arcade Fire, Decemberists, Death Cab, or anything really....?? I do compare the songs to the classic artists, it's true. I'm just not hearing the craft and hooks, the musicianship and above all vocal skill. The songs don't burrow into my heart and soul. I just can't FEEL the music. It doesn't speak to me AT ALL.....I'm only 39 and this is very distressing to me. It's EXTREMELY difficult to find anything that Speaks to me out there yet when I go to songwriter's nights in Nashville I hear it in abundance. Classic Great songs with melody, harmony, great lyrics...Believe me, I still like to rock too, but again in that genre I hear NOTHING for me....{censored}, I've gotten old and my tastes are so refined now.....I listen to EVERYTHING That i hear a buzz about out there, so I'm sure you understand how distressing this is to a songwriter and musician like me...How about you?

    They speak to a different generation than you. Sorry but you're pushing 40.

  4. Since I last posted I have sold a bunch of shit on Craigslist. Line 6 DL-4 delay pedal, Line 6 Spider II 15W combo amp, and Dunlop High Gain Volume Pedal. Still trying to sell a shitty Peavy 4x12 cab and a Mesa Single Rectifier. You're right about the lowballers though. Sheez.

  5. Disdaining rebranding is just as much brand fetishism as rebranding is. Anyone who thinks it is wrong is placing exactly the same fetishistic value on the brand as someone who wants to do it because the brand is intrinsically better. I say do whatever you feel will make you enjoy the guitar most. But if you ever sell, you should probably undo the modifications in order to prevent others from using them for fraudulent purposes.


    That's silly. You're saying that to disparage someone from taking all the effort to try and make something look like something it isn't, is the same as them wanting to make it look like something it's not? Where is the logic in that. This is about focusing on important things (the substance of the guitar and of the player) rather than non-important things (names and logos).

  6. First, All you'll be doing is devaluing the instrument so it makes no sence at all. Any buyer of the instrument will not pay top value. You can easily just throw half the value right out into the street. Doing the work would take a pro to make it look like it wasnt butchered. You have to strip the neck because its a poly finish and you cant just do the cap and not have it look tackey as hell.

    Second, The public could care less what you play so long as you play it well.

    Third, You dont fool other musicians by doing this, they take one look and say, "He's one of those guys" so from that point its a major fail.

    Fourth Changing a nameplate doesnt make the instrument play better and if you think it does, you have a psychological issue you need to address.

    Fifth, You need to learn to have pride in your ability to play not in what you play on. Amatures will think its the guitar makes the man, a pro will know the man makes the guitar.

    Sixth, its just a plain tackey thing to do done by tackey people for whatever stupif reason they may throw up to justify the action. If anything removing the nam if you're ashamed of the brand, to replace the name with something its not is a whole different thingg, its actually criminal to do so if you even plab on selling it that way.


    +1 million to this. Brand names don't mean jack sh**. I don't think it's a cool thing to do to judge someone because of the name on their guitar's headstock (pretty immature!) but if anything, the guy with a Gibson who can hardly play makes me notice and scratch my head way more than the guy with a Squier who is shredding it up.

  7. I recently sold two items on eBay and I think the fees were way too high. It was $25 to list and sell a Korg Electribe rhythm synthesizer for $210 and a Danelectro Fab Tone pedal for $15. What in the world? Then there were Paypal fees on top of that. I would rather go craigslist.

  8. If you aren't cool enough to know why Twitter is useful, awesome. Stay away and don't pollute it. It should be for those who are in the know and no one should use their Twitter feed like the above poster ("Bored" "Bored" "Went for a walk" etc.) and most generally don't.


    Anyway to those not on Twitter, thanks for keeping your waste stream here.

  9. This is the Mesa Single Rec / Solo 50 head. You guys know what this is about. Footswitch, footswitch cable, slip cover, and manual included. JJ Power Tubes. Reasonable offers considered. Shipping is from Seattle. Calculating UPS Ground it should be $40-100 with insurance. Buyer pays shipping.



  10. I thought it would be interesting to hear the different perspectives on this question.


    What amps of today do you think will be sought after vintage classics in 20 years?


    The rules are it has to have been a new model of amp in the last 5-10 years. 10 years is even stretching it.


    Also, within reason, it can't have been a 'reissue' or 'upgrade' on an amp that is already considered a classic.



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