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  1. I have been playing guitar for 44 years. I have owned a lot of high end guitars as well as a few less expensicve Asian models. The "wow" factor was huge when I first played the VT CT. I hadn't expected it to be quite so good. It is one of the best values in electric guitars I have ever encountered. I have two now and plan to get a third as soon as I see one in natural for a good used price. At present I also have two Gibson ES 335s, a Hamer Monaco Superpro, two Musicman Axises, a Vantage 335-type, an Eastwood 12-string, a couple of Mossman acoustics, and a couple of 5-string basses. I just sold a Hofner Verythin Classic, recently sold another Monaco Superpro and a G&L S-500. The only negative thing I can say about these is that the pickguard with its numerous points is kind of too busy for the guitar. I think most everyone will remove this pickguard, though. The strings are nice and close to the body, so you really don't need the pickguard as a finger rest. That's pretty much the only reason I keep the pick guards on my 335s.
  2. I got my first Superpro after your description of another that you took in trade a few years ago. I sold that but they're such great guitars I wound up with another one. At about a third of their retail price, Hamers represent great values used guitars. I wish I needed another one. I'd love one with a spruce top.
  3. Danelectro Hodad w/tremolo. Practically zero fret wear. The covering of the case is lifting on one edge. Other than that, no issues. I have many references from satisfied buyers on The Gear Page, Harmony Central, and Craigslist. $380. I have appropriate packing materials on hand and will ship this guitar to the continental US for $35. More pictures here: http://s103.photobucket.com/albums/m129/mcgowanmusic/Danelectro%20Hodad/
  4. Man, I forgot all about this! It's still sitting in my drawer!
  5. Maybe I should put them in this 335 copy and sell them that way...
  6. Check your price. If it is $30 for all that I'm in. Whoops! Tell you what - Take it off my hands and I give you $30! Thanks - I fixed the OP.
  7. This guitar is identical to the current Samick Greg Bennett La Salle JZ-4 except it has the better-looking pre-Bennett headstock. I think this was in production for a very short time before all the Samicks got the Bennett headstock. Nice, big, woody, jazz tone from the mini HB, very nice neck. OHSC included. $380, includes insured shipping to the US. More pictures: http://s103.photobucket.com/albums/m129/mcgowanmusic/Samick%20HJ%20610/
  8. Cedarville, OH / Frederick, MD That's quite a commute! Free bump.
  9. Still available - still in brand new condition.
  10. I bought a Fender MiniStrat for my 6-year-old. It's a good quality instrument with a short scale. I figure it will be good for about three years. It was about $100 at Musician's Friend.
  11. {censored}, are they really going for that much? Maybe I should consider letting mine go...hmm. That post was a year ago when one went on eBay for $600. Lately they have been more like $425 to $500. I saw one go for under $400 but it was kind of beat. Mine is in brand new condition. I have not been pushing this very hard. I keep thinking that some day I might use it. It is definitely a very cool unit in that it can serve all of your delay and modulation needs. But it's been like 5 years now and it's still sitting in a closet.
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