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  1. We’ll see. After I made the original post here I checked his FB page and there was a different guitar as his profile photo. I’ve asked him if he finally got a guitar, but haven’t yet heard back.
  2. Re the Yamaha versus Roland synths, Yamaha is as good or better than most. Just like their acoustic guitars, they generally dominate the price point. When I finally quit gigging, I got rid of all of my keyboards and synths. I decided to buy a digital piano for home use. I decided that I would like some expanded functionality, more presets, some sequencing, etc. The unit that beat checks all the boxes for me is the Yamaha DGX-660. It’s an amazing instrument for under $800. Several hundred voices, effects, sequencing, etc. It’s hard to go wrong with a Yamaha keyboard. You and I have similar guitar habits. MyTak steel string is probably low middle in terms of quality and sound. It’s guitar that was bought to be knocked around at bars and restaurant patios. Also like you, I play the Breedlove nylon plugged in quite a bit. I guess for me at least, the process of buying cheap and hoping for a million dollar sound is an evolutionary process. Getting the most for the least is something we all do. Heck, I could buy the Clapton 000 Martin for a little under $4000, but it seems unnecessary. In a year or two or five, the difference may be worth it to me. But for now the OME is the sweet spot of cost and quality.
  3. Yeah, there are a lot of gear collectors around. I have an old friend who first decided he wanted to learn to play guitar, so he Bought a D-28 and as far as I know has yet to take it out of the case. It’s been 10 years that I know of. He later decided that he would learn to play piano. He went to a local store and spent $7000 on a top of the line Roland and a small PA system to play it through. Believe it or not, he is a very intelligent guy. Not a gear collector so much as someone who sees no reason to buy junk. The Roland was overkill, even for him. There are any number of great digital pianos that would have been far better for him, but unfortunately, I guess the guy in the store only sold Roland and needed the money. I haven’t seen the guy in a couple of years, but I’d be surprised if he did still have the equipment unused in his house. I forgot to address the silk purse thing. Yes. I spent a long time convincing myself that I could find great guitars for $500-$700. Like most of the Breedloves I owned. They were very good guitars at their price point. I had to finally figure out for myself that I wouldn’t be satisfied until I bought a real guitar. I gigged for years with a midrange Tak. Still have it. It’s fine for the loud small bar crowd, but like the rest, it doesn’t satisfy me. Ive seen a lot of folks on forums like this talk about the amazing sounds they get out of their (fill in the blank) guitar. I did the same thing. At the end of the day, a good guitar is going to cost what a good guitar costs.
  4. I’d go so far as to say there really is very little reason to buy anything other than Yamaha until you get past the $500 price point. And probably a little past that as well.
  5. Happy to be of service. 😉 the OME Cherry was the point at which I realized that there is at least one (3 or 4, actually) Martins that I love. I live in Kentucky which means Martin Dreads are almost legally required. IMO, Breedloves were great guitars, particularly at the price points. I once played a Masterclass which literally gave me a chill. I’ve owned 4 or so Breedloves over the years and currently have a Breedlove Solo Nylon hybrid that is a fine guitar for the money. The new ones don’t sing to me. This probably won’t make sense to anybody but me, but I spent a long time trying to turn a bologna sandwich into a steak dinner. I can try to convince myself that it’s so, but the reality is that it just doesn’t work that way.
  6. I remember you! I need to change my name. Originally I was RKO, which I created by hitting 3 random keys. For some reason I can’t remember I had to rename myself or rejoin. At the time I was gigging hard as a keyboard player in a couple of bands. Stopped doing that about 5 years ago when I finally realized I didn’t like staying out till 3am.
  7. Yeah. I tried to buy one in country for him to pickup, but found that it isn’t easy. Also, merchants in India aren’t much more reliable than the shippers. And, to his credit, when I offered to send money, he would not have it. Wouldn’t take it. on another note, I may be able to stand down on this one anyway. I went to the kids Facebook page and saw a picture of a nice enough guitar on his profile picture. I’ve left a note to ask him if he finally got a new guitar. Hope so. In terms of background, I don’t know this kid directly, but my SIL is from India and there was some sort of connection. He saw that I’m a player and contacted me with lots of questions.
  8. It seems to me that this forum used to donate guitars to people who cannot afford them. Has that been done lately? I’ve either donated money or possibly a guitar in the past. there is a young man that I would help in a minute if shipping wasn’t so expensive. Does anybody have a cheap way of getting a guitar to New Delhi, India? The kid is in his 20’s, poor as a church mouse despite working insane hours. He is a Christian and served as a guitar player at his church. Unfortunately, the only guitar he could afford was a “Givson,” made by a company that makes absolute trash guitars and hopes that purchasers think they are getting “Gibson’s.” his guitar developed a badly warped neck. It’s well beyond adjustment, but even if it could be adjustment, it would be a no go, because the truss rod in his guitar does nothing when it’s tightened or loosened. Does anybody have a good way of shipping a guitar? I’ll buy a lower end Yammie, and to him it would be like an Olson. I looked into it for quite a while. Shipping through any reputable shipper makes the whole thing cost prohibitive.
  9. I was somewhat active here some years ago. I wasn’t one of the more famous post-ers, so don’t expect to remember me. I usually stayed quiet. During my downtime, A strange thing happened. I became a fan of Martin guitars. I know, that’s not strange, it’s the guitar that everybody at least respects. I respected them, but never found one that I cared for. I play fingerstyle so much that I have to periodically make myself flatpick. And I’m a terrible flat picker. For years I was a Breedlove and Taylor fan. Until now. Breedlove guitars simply changed significantly, I guess in part because Bedell purchased them, and I always thought Taylor’s were overpriced. Anyway, I started looking at OM sized guitars of other makers. Long story short, the Martin OME Cherry stopped me dead in my tracks. I simply have to have one. Anyway, thanks for hanging around while I was gone. Good to see names that I remember from years ago.
  10. General motors, IBM, Underwood Typewriter Company, and Rock-Ola jukebox all made M1 carbines during ww2. I agree with Ellen. Start with a good, solid wood guitar first (whatever she likes) and go from there. The signal chain depends on the venue imo. I have a fishman mini loudbox that I gig with for intimate gigs at small clubs (nice and small/light). On a large stage in front of a bit crowd I either mic it (solo) or use a Baggs M1 and an EQ stomp box.. There are so many choices now that there is something for everyone. I knew that. I tried to make the point that yamaha makes whatever it makes to be of decent quality. As usual, I failed to make it clearly. I also noticed that I posted a link to yamaha sailboats in another thread...
  11. buying an acoustic guitar from Fender is like buying a sailboat from General Motors. This will surprise NOBODY: yamaha made an excellent sailboat for a while in the 80s.
  12. I thought I'd add a final word to this discussion, unless someone responds on behalf of the company. The Swingbox website has 2 ways that you can interact with them. You can click a link and buy a guitar, or you can email for info. I emailed for info and it came back undeliverable, address no good or whatever. Curiously, the link to "buy" a guitar works fine. I think I'll wait this one out and keep looking.
  13. I may spin the wheel and pick up the swingbox nylon string. Unfortunately, I don't guess you can go to a store and try them out and there's very little info on their website or on the interwebs at large.
  14. Taylor copycats, but I wonder if they're not terrible...http://swingboxguitars.com/
  15. This thread should be stickied, by the way. Great idea.
  16. Originally Posted by Notes_Norton I don't do set lists, but prefer to call songs as my instincts and experience tells me what I hope the audience wants next. I watch the crowd, the dancers and the listeners, see what they are reacting to. Do they need another fast one? Or are they tired? Do they want a ballroom dance? Listening song? Comedy? Whatever? The way I run my backing tracks, I can make my decision during the last 10 seconds of the song I am playing and still get to the next song immediately if I need to (this is especially important when the dance floor is full). But I do have an entire song list here http://www.s-cats.com And if you are interested on how I run the backing tracks on stage http://www.nortonmusic.com/backing_tracks.html - also how I make them and more thoughts about set lists can be read or ignored on that page. Insights and incites by Notes ? Glad to hear you do that as well. I never have a setlist, and sort of go from the gut as well. I rarely see other guys do that, so I assumed it was dangerous and reckless. But then, so are my gigs.
  17. The Ps-60 is about 6 months old and i excellent condition. I just need more of a B3 sound than it offers. Would love an older stage piano type instrument with pianos an organ and some drawbars, like the Korg sg pro x. PM me with ideas...
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