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  1. I see where you are going. You like the looper and slicer functions of the Boss. The Axe-FX while having a looper function does not have the ability to store multiple riffs or slice them up. Fair Enough. Not sure if that alone makes the axe-fx limited or inferior in some way though. A Crate Flexwave 15 practice amp has CD inputs. Higher end guitar amps like Mesa, Marshall, Bogner, Engl etc...don't have them...doesn't make them limited like you say. Apples and oranges.
  2. What do you mean when you say twice the power? The Axe-FX Ultra uses a single TigerSHARC DSP Processor. It splits the load of effects and amp modeling. The Axe-FX II uses 2 TigerSHARC processors with one dedicated to amp modeling and another dedicated to effects only.
  3. No, the bottom line is that the Axe FX is very limited on effects compared to what you get with something like a Boss GT-10, even if the amp models are light years ahead. I think it depends on your focus and what you want. Funny I've owned an Ultra for about 3 years now and limited is not an adjective I would use in describing its effects capabilities. Heck a lot of guys are using the effects only and not the amp models because they are fairly easy to program and sound great. So now I'm curious, how much time did you spend with an Ultra before drawing your conclusion?
  4. i have an extreme hatred for the DT vocals, and i think they really hold that band back from breaking into the mainstream I think they are about as mainstream as they are going to get with the type of music they play. Your average top 40 listener wont dig key and time changes every other measure. A different singer won't change that. I think they should replace labrie with clay aiken.
  5. bumpity opening bid has been lowered from $40 to $30!
  6. For auction: Silicon Entourage C-201 Large Diaphram Microphone http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250133608162&ssPageName=ADME:L:DSS:US:11 If you identify yourself as an HC member I'll send a crisp $5 bill included with the microphone. Thanks for looking. Pezguy
  7. Originally posted by wbcsound There are some cool Protools TDM plugs which are not available to DirectX/VST users which some may find appealing, however the opposite situation is true as well. Correction; many VST plugs can be run on PT with the use of FXpansions VST to RTAS wrapper. TDM and RTAS cannot be conversely run on native systems using VST.
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