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  1. Up for sale is a barley used Roland GR-55, with the divided pickup for guitar and 13 pin cable. Manual and power supply also included. Pics are available upon request. $625 Shipped CONUS only. PM me if interested.
  2. Up for sale is my Ibanez UE400 Multi effect unit. It is in great condition and functions perfectly. it has Compression, Phaser, Overdrive, and Stereo Chorus/Flanger. Most of these are going on ebay for over $500, but you can have this one for as little as $250 + shipping. Please note that I only accept paypal and ship only in the CONUS.
  3. As the thread title says, I am building an experiment/"Spacey" (think Grateful Dead space segments) rig. So far I have a Roland GR-50 and an Alesis Midiverb 4. What else should I add?
  4. Up for sale is a vintage Mu-tron Octave Divider. The colored labeling on the pedal has all been worn off and replaced by sharpie writing, but the pedal still functions perfectly. Only reason I'm selling this pedal is that I realized it isn't really for me... plus I rarely ever use an octaver. $500 shipped CONUS. paypal only unless traded. Will consider: Alembic SF-2 Pedaltrain PT-3 or PRO + cash Entertain me with offers! Note: Mu-tron III pictured is NOT for sale.
  5. Here's my current setup: BASS > Boss PS-6 > Mu-tron Octave Divider > Mu-tron III > Boss TR-2 > AMP I have 3 more pedals on their way, and when they arrive, my setup will be: BASS > Boss PS-6 > Mu-tron Ocrave Divider > IE Oxide > Mu-tron III > Source Audio Flanger > Subdecay Quasar > Boss TR-2 > AMP
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