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  1. Bought the guitar because I love fender off bodies. Should have done more research because I was unaware how small the guitar is in regards to a 6'4" person. Needless to say, its going to waste in my room so im going to try and either sell or trade it. Would love to get a Fender Cyclone as a trade, but its doubtful. Other than that, asking $250+shipping and always willing to hear other trade offers. Only notable blem is a very small nick on the fingerboard at the 13th fret between B and E sting. [ATTACH=CONFIG]349786[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]349787[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]349788[/ATTACH]
  2. Success. $224 fiesta red duo from ebay. Soon to be graf yellow. Build pics to follow.
  3. checked it out, couldn't find anything worth while but thank you for the heads up. i'll keep an eye there.
  4. Looking to find a Cyclone or a Duo Sonic. Prefer a Fender but would settle for a Squier if the price is right. I've been scouring craigslist but no one is willing to ship. Shoot me a PM if you can help me out.
  5. the head works beautifully and sounds great but some of the eq slider knobs broke off in my car one day. theyre still functioning but you need use a guitar pick or something to slide them. as is, its set nice and punchy. the cab is fine with the exception of the grill has a ding on the bottom. all cosmetic. the speakers are are fine and loud. bass needs a new bridge which can be found on ebay for $10 (or a g string saddle but i never looked into how much they are). its a players bass. couple of paint nicks. the paint is ageing beautifully to a creamy white. pots and input replaced a few days ago. (its the bass on the left in the pic) will sell individually but would like to dump it all out. $550 PLUS shipping. shipping wont be too cheap seeing as its quite the weighty set up. local pick up available. located in suffolk county, long island, ny. more pics upon request.
  6. sweet ass guitar. wish i had a little more money for this. glws, it seems to be taking a little time.
  7. i have a 1995 jazz bass and the pickguard broke and apparently it is impossible to find a 14 hole jazz bass pickguard. pm me if you can help me out
  8. nah im not a fan of the strat style, sorry man. thanks though.
  9. body, neck, hardware, any and all. let me know what you got and what you want. trying to build one. preferably with a 70's headstock strat neck.
  10. ive got a tom delonge fender strat, an american deluxe tele, a peavey supreme xl head, a lexicon lambda media interface, microphones, drum hardware, 30 watt mid ninetys marshall combo amp. ya know, the regular random ass stuff lol. you got a picture of the sg?
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