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  1. ive got a black cherry LTD viper 400, looking for a black EC400 or viper. anyone interested?
  2. the whole +/- 3 cent thing i think is fine. especially for quick onstage tuning, the boss tuner has the same accuracy and has served me fine.
  3. Originally posted by zkaudio lol you just missed a 4060 on ebay today for under 500 bux.! darn:rolleyes:
  4. Originally posted by joeylz ID SAY SAVE UP ANOTHER 200 AND GET THE TLM103 BEST IN THAT RANGE i hear alot of good things about the TLM103.... but, i also hear it can be very picky with peoples voices. it just doesnt like alot of voices.
  5. which model 414s do you think are the most versitile? Originally posted by where02190 IMHO a 414 is a far more versatile mic than the SM7. It will sound killer on the acoustic (a pair is my defined go to aku setup) and I've not found a vocal it didn't at least sound moderately great on. Stretch to a grand, and you can get a pair of them used.
  6. how about a rode K2? what do you guys think of those?
  7. that crowley and tripp seems pretty nice, im just kinda weary on ribbon mics....im afraid i wont be careful enough haha. im really thinking about an AKG c414, what is the difference between all the models? ian.
  8. Originally posted by Fletcher@mercenary.com Shure SM-7 Crowley and Tripp "Naked Eye" Sennheiser MD-441 ... and maybe a player to be named later... yeah im actually looking to pick up a SM7. especially for screaming vox. fletcher, do you guys have a shop? or just a webstore? im in uxbridge and id love to come check you guys out. Ian
  9. what do you guys think? just for all around male vocals + some acoustic guitar here and there.
  10. i know the DL4 has a button only for tap tempo, does the DD20 have that ? or do i need a seperate pedal? which do you guys use, and why?
  11. ive been playing for 6 years, i own another ibanez RG, have owned a ESP and also own a epiphone explorer, and play thru a peavey 5150 and a carvin legacy cabinet. if it was lost, i would buy another one if i could find one. maybe somthing with a stopbar like a les paul. but this guitar is amazing! i went to berklee college of music this summer, and out of all the guitars i played there (MIA strats teles jacksons ltds musicman gibsons ect) this was the best playing guitar. i simply love it. i give it a 10!
  12. ive been playing for 5 years. i play metal. im not sure if i like the guitar THAT much, so im not sure if i would buy it again. ill post an update.
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