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  1. The voodoo labs superfuzz has a classic tone. I think you can nab one for around $100. Very good pedal
  2. what are you looking for in a trade, im interested in the chorus pedal
  3. Thanks guys. I think i will sell something and buy a musket or mi audio gi fuzz
  4. im adding to the 100 and getting a muket or mi audio GI fuzz. Any opinions on that?
  5. Those of you who took my post serious, i thank you. It seems i had a mental block on where i wanted to go next and was looking for inspiration i suppose. For those of you who did not take this serious and spend your day cracking on people who dont have the chance to sit around all day and stare at the computer. get a life and try playing your guitar and not just talk about it. By the way, i think im going with a musket or something.
  6. I have a very nice EHX Electric Mistress with box and adapter, and ill thow in some cash for a nice Musket or mk1 sounding fuzz box.Let me know what u got and maybe we can workout something.
  7. I am having a really hard time diciding on a fuzz pedal. I want something that is thick on the bottom but still makes alot of cut on the top and mids. I like the way the devi ever stuff boarders on distortion but they seems a little to simple for the money. I really want a distortion/Fuzz that kills on chords. O and it needs to be no more than $125. Like i said i like the devi ever stuff so it needs to be more on the fuzzface side of things.
  8. i just got a digitech digidelay for $50 used and i love it,serves the purpose well.
  9. ok i just ordered a mi audio gi, thanks for the input
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