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    DigiTech RP-10

    I personally play an assortment of styles from Country, Pop, all the way to nu-metal stuff. I've been playing at guitar for over 20 years. If it was stolen, I probably wouldn't look for another, unless I could get it cheap. But I really do like this unit considering it's time period. This was some hot doody back in it's day. I've owned the folling Digitech guitar fx processors. Started with the RP-10, RP-7, RPM-2000, and the Valve FX. The only keepers of those are the RP-10, and the Valve Fx. The RP-7 was great for recording, but sucked with my amp of the time, a solid state Crate Halfstack. I
  2. My band "GAWS" play all original Hard Rock music. Fit's our style perfectly. That's why both of us in the band us the Valve FX. I've been playing in bands for 20 years, and the VFX is the best peice of studio/live gear I've ever bought! If, I can find another I would buy it for a backup. Some of our songs are based around the fx sounds in the VFX. For the price, you can't beat this preamp. In the past I've owned the RP-10 which a friend of mine still own's. RP-7, RP-2000, and the Valve Fx. Plus the Digitech Studio One fx processor for my PA rack..Can you tell I love Digitech gear?
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