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  1. Did you hear The Hives "Hate To Say I Told You So" song?, we'll, if you're searching for a bass sound like, DOD MetalManiac is your pedal. We're playing this song, and the bass solo sounds the same that the original version. We're playing a fussion of grunge with metal and some funk. Our group has many influences, and we do use a lot of DOD pedals (We've two MetalX FX70, 1 Stero Chorus FX65, 1 Bass Stereo Chorus and the Maniac, and searching for a used Grunge). If our pedal is stolen or get damage (for extreme use) I would buy it again. I think it'll help us with some new songs that we're making right now. The Metal Maniac sound it's really weird and MANIAC!!!!!!
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