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    yamaha SG1500

    My overall rating for the SG-1500 (mid to late 70's) is a 9++. I began playing guitar back in 1962 as a young kid and am even listed on Alan Darco-Celebrity Rock musician birthday...so I must've done SOMETHING with the guitar!?
  2. Steve Sossin

    Zoom 9002

    My overall rating for the 9002 is a 10++. I play ALL styles, am a multi-instrumentalist (11 instruments), have been playing (guitar) for 41 years and have bought, borrowed, leased or used most everything out there at one time or another.....& the 9002 NEVER let me down. Don't believe the old addage: "You get what you pay for" as it's Companies like ZOOM, FOSTEX, ALESIS and a host of others breaking new ground with new technologies at AFFORDABLE prices. To be rather blunt: ANY guitarist who honestly believes that all the guitar Companies making "lightweight" guitars (so you won't hurt y
  3. Steve Sossin

    yamaha SBG3000

    I've been playing since age 6- 41-1/2 years now. I was listed throughout the 90's (retiring at final listing in 2000') in the Major Recording/Music Industry under Producers/Engineers. Qualified for and previously listed under Artist-Management, Public Relations, Audio for Film and Mastering Facilities East. Also, Invitee 1996 to be listed in the International Who's Who in Pop Music. I am a multi-instrumentalist and can say unequivically that the SG-SBG series of Yamaha Electrics are simply the best!
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