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  1. Longtime member here, just haven't posted much the last couple years. Started playing guitar around 32 years old, took lessons, played with a few bands here and there. I consider myself an advanced beginner if that makes any sense. Last couple of years I played with my current band as rhythm guitarist, practiced 2x per week and played a couple of gigs and house parties. We play mainly hard rock/metal originals with some blues stuff thrown in. My interest in guitar is pretty much zero now and as a band we haven't played in at least 8 months or so and doesn't look like we will be playing again together anytime soon. I'm looking to switch over to drums. I did have a full Tama kit and took about 3 lessons before I moved and took a job promotion. Drums took a backseat once I got all settled in since one of the guys I work with was already a drummer, so we formed a band together. I had also sold my drum kit as part of the "purge" prior to moving to get some much needed cash and have less stuff to lug halfway across the country. Anyway, I'm 40 years old already. I know for sure I will be taking lessons and I'm looking to buy a new or used kit after the first of the year. This is where you guys come in, what do you think? Take lessons as if I didn't know anything at all, a real true beginner or find a teacher that will get me playing right away since I have very little experience already? Too old to even bother? Thanks in advance.
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