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  1. I love this unit, beginning to think about moving to an XT, only because the Pod 1 is no longer supported for tones on the net, and my muti-effects unit is dying, the on-board effects are a little limited. OK, maybe it doesn't sound EXACTLY like the amps its modelling, but I can get all the sounds I want out of it (usually lower gain stuff like Clapton, Pink Floyd, Blues, Knopfler, etc.) 32 amps for £300, if that isnt value for money, I dont know what is! Up against my mates Boogie, I cant tell the difference and as I said, I'll never afford all the amps modelled here, or have room for t
  2. Si-star

    Zoom 9002

    took ages to decide to buy it, but when I did, I never looked back until now, when its beginning to show its age.
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