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  1. i find that if you set it to take care of general hiss clean then it should be fine. if your pedal feedbacks, either learn to love the noise or turn the gate up. personally, i like the staccato effects you can get, it just does what i need it to. it doesn't clean up noise when playing, but to be fair, why would it? i'd recommend it over the boss noise gate, i've compared them both and this wins hands down. awesome unit.
  2. kev p

    Boss HM-3 Hyper Metal

    well, i think it's pretty clear how useable i feel this pedal is and if you see one second hand, seriously, buy it. i would recommend this too everyone over the mt2 (which i think is shockingly fizzy-borderline useless if you want to sound good in a band) it will last you for an age and help craft your simple, no bull{censored} tone. i've been playing for 11 years and feel no need whatsoever to upgrade to something more expensive or 'better'. i'd love a mxr dimebag distortion but there's no need. the only other distortion-type pedal i have is the big muff, but that has different applications which i'm sure i don't need to go into. the only thing i wish that was different was that it had more harmonics. aside from that, a great pedal.
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