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  1. I tried programming the Mopho, but get turned-off instantly, since a PC editor is about all there is. May as well be a softsynth.
  2. nifty! Have you delved into programming the Mopho much, yet?
  3. Aww, that's sad. She was the voice of the main computer in ST:TNG, too.
  4. I'm willing to bet there's a correlation between the length of these lists and age. Except I think DLP's trying to mess up the curve for the rest of us. That gearlist of his is all within a span of, what, 9 months?
  5. In my sig. I rarely sell anything. Not in the sig list (for some reason) or since sold: Alesis NanoPiano Ensoniq SQ-80 (sold) Korg EX-800 (sold) Studiologic SL-161 Wurlitzer 145B (idle, needs work) Weinbach 6' grand piano (living room) no-name spinet piano (traded for the Wurlitzer) Thomas organ of some kind (long long ago) accordian of some kind (gag gift, broken, gone) These are just the keys/synth, not including drum machines, guitars, PA stuff and recording gear.
  6. I have not seen Pighood, although he DID post a comment over at Matrixsynth lately, so maybe he's lurking around, all undercover and stuff.
  7. setAI Industries, Inc: Purveyor of fine WTF moments since '03.
  8. Good thing I'm not in Singapore or I'd be caned! Don't have to go all the way to Singapore; Just give Purity a ring.
  9. No doubt Obama is touring the Stargate facility under Cheyenne Mountain and being briefed on the MIB program as we speak. You know as well as us that they can't show him that stuff. Two words: "Plausible denyability".
  10. Everyone should be allowed to have a civil union, and benefit from whatever tax tricks come with the package. Marriage, I don't really care about. That's a religion thing. If Christians don't want you in their club, {censored} them. This is EXACTLY what I've been saying myself for a while now.
  11. Yeah, this Prop 8 thing is embarrassing. How can people want to deny other people the same rights they enjoy? How does it hurt them to allow gays to marry? It's just not right.
  12. Only 3 more pages? You guys are slackin'. can it be lulz tiem nao?
  13. I'm going to bed. I predict 8 pages to spew between this post and my next post tomorrow. 'Night!
  14. Enjoy your Ogasm, suckers. Awww piggie, don't be like that. You get to enjoy it with us!
  15. who cares.... mccain conceded about 10 mins ago. but there out there somewhere. I just saw that. That makes it pretty final, eh?
  16. So I see. I'd kinda like to more more definite numbers, but it looks good for Obama. Good for him. Looks like chicago's going nuts. lulz.
  17. yeah- one of these days I am going to get my picture in the paper when my Xenosaga Cosplay rips and my ass falls out in public- by the way- I am a 6'3" 350 lb I was gonna try to make light of this and say, "proof there is no god", but now I dunno... is that stepping over the line? Oh wait... {censored}. (I keed. You know I keed, right? right? :poke: Besides, it fits in the whole godless-setAI thing here... oh never mind)
  18. yeah- one of these days I am going to get my picture in the paper when my Xenosaga Cosplay rips and my ass falls out in public- The visuals... they burn...!
  19. Hm, obviously I called it a bit too early before. So, NOW can it be nasty name calling time?
  20. Isn't this usually about the point where the political/religious threads turn into a nasty name fest? {censored}socks.
  21. back on topic. who has voted? I did. Ooh! Ooh! I did. Last week. Hooray for early voting! Obama, No on 8 (California). If 8 passes, I'll be seriously embarrassed for all of California. Unfortunately, I think it'll be close.
  22. ok: http://arxiv.org/abs/quant-ph/9904050 and also http://www.simulation-argument.com/simulation.html I don't think many of you realize that these ideas are coming from a large group of scientists- not just one pot-head posting on KSS Sorry... can't hear you. *points to tin-foil hat*
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