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  1. I am definitely getting another one of these to stereoize my rig.The rest of my studio includes about a dozen guitars,ten tube amps of various makes and models,and about 40k's worth of recording equipment{ consoles, processor's, synths,15 piece drum kit,etc,etc....IF this was stolen I would definitely try to replace it if it was still available. I played everything on the market at the time including Marshall's, Fender's,Soldano's,Matchless,VOX,Groove Tubes Soul-o-matic,Ampeg,Mesa Boogie,blah,blah,blah, the only thing I liked was going to run me close to 2 grand for the head alone!SO, not
  2. I play largely outside the common descriptions of popular music and this thing can easily keep up with my adventurous experimentations.I have been playing guitar for over 25 years and consider myself an advanced player.A list of the rest of my gear is probably prohibitive due to space limitations,but....Let's just say 45k worth of recording and musical equipment in one room....a dozen tube amps....etc....etc....I would never be able to replace this: it took me 6 years to find one used!This thing has more tone shaping capability than any other single piece of gear I have seen,played or owned.Th
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