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  1. Hi all, My EB Volume Pedal recently started making a crackling noise, mainly in the lower 10% of the pedal's range. Any ideas what might be wrong or what I could try to fix it? Much thanks, Jesse
  2. Here's my overdue update: Signal A: Ibanez's piezo output > Panning pedal "A" > LR Baggs DI Signal B: Ibanez regular output or Tele > Panning pedal "B" > ... Budda Wah Fulltone FD2 MXR Micro Amp (to balance the 2 guitars) Wampler Plextortion Fulltone Fat-Boost 1 Volume Boss RV-5 reverb Nova Delay Amp: AC15 Fender HWY1 Tele and Ibanez AK-75. --Jesse
  3. ok my big stupid board is about to go through another big realignment in the next week so i figured i'd post what i've been playing with for the last few weeks... DL4 for looping is on the floor just out of the pics... messy wires are messy chain- RMC3 > HyperPak > TOP > SBMV > Ooh Wah II > Ringtone > Buzzaround > Algal Bloom > Fingerprint > PGC > DLS (this is such a keeper btw) > DD LG > EGDM > Geiger Counter > Muff Diver > Ram Head > Shoe Gazer > OK > KP > Timmy > TGEQ > Fromel Lush DC-2 > Hartman Flanger > PH-350 > Superdelay > Hugger TB loop (PS-3 > Verbzilla) > AD-900 > RRR > DL4 How do you like your PS-3 pitch shifter? Is it as "digitally" sounding as the new Super-Shifter model? --Jesse
  4. Still available. Will sell to forum members for $600, otherwise it's going on evilBay next week. Cheers, Jesse
  5. Read about it here: http://sd.craigslist.org/msg/1035925936.html
  6. potential buyer backed out. It's up for grabs again! To all trade offers: Sorry, nothings blowing my skirt up yet. Still mainly just interested in selling it.
  7. Not really, but whatcha got? I could change my mind.
  8. Like new, includes box/papers. $140/shipped/PayPal'd. --Jesse
  9. Zildjian A-Custom 19" crash. About 4 yrs old, original owner, absolutely no cracks, keyholing, or anything bad. It's going on eBay tonight for $1 opening bid; will place a link here at that time. Cheers, Jesse
  10. Hi all, looking to by a Zildjian K Dark Crash, thin or medium-thin, 18" or 19". Must be Traditional finish. I have a 19" A-custom crash I'd be interested in trading as well. Thanks! Jesse
  11. bump... htis also interests me.
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