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    As mentioned above, I wouldn't wish this sub on my worst enemy. There is no speaker protection, no ability to handle regular work, no ability to handle real world applications, no ability to repair easily. If any part goes, the whole amplifier module needs to be replaced (= expensive). On my final occassion using these subs, one of them died. No suprise there ... has happened continuously over the period of ownership. What may come as a suprise to you is that the driver failed taking out the amplifier too. The repair bill is more than I paid for the sub brand new. Now I have one expensive paper weight. Will drive the second sub until it goes (which I'm sure won't be long). Already have two JBL PRX718 subs on order. So to summarize, don't ever buy these subs. Since Mackie moved production to China, their quality is rubbish. I know that their parent company is having financial troubles too. Won't be long before they disappear off the face of the planet - & what a better world we'd all live in.
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