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  1. I blast from the past, very musical tone and great feel all add up to immense creative enjoyment at the Jazz and Blues gig's. I can really fill up the room with this bass. I was playing throught a vintage POLYTONE AMP 100 watts. When you solo on it up high it takes on a kind of Jaco fretless quality to it's tone! Some day i'll get it refreted but for now it sounds great and plays great. Photos are coming. King Koeller
  2. from a distance it looks like a Fender bass, but sound even better. Those pickups are aged now,and are fat and funky.If a Saw another one... I would snap it up in a heartbeat.This bass is ogled and admired everywhere I go. On every gig, people want to buy it, play it or both. It must be because it's bare wood. and no paint.I got a thick leather strap for it. I almost forget to mention the action was a mile high, but I turned the truss rod and tightened it (5MM allen wrench) and all of a sudden the neck was straight. Justin had never adjusted the neck.The truss was so loose it almost never tightened,but then it caught on... whew!, I then adjusted the intonation, and it's dialed in perfectly now. The tone is very Jaco sounding, with alot of fat and deep bottom end. The neck is fast, a full 34" scale and the bridge is a standard fender original style...I'm so happy!
  3. You do not see these anymore. It is worth about $1100 The japanese know their wood. They get better wood,then american fender or Gibson. There is nothing second rate about this bass. I would put it up there against any real 57 p bass, but this CAMEO is a more accurate copy. When Fender tried to sue them,they were so impressed with the quality ,that they made Fender Japan.
  4. I've got to much gear... I've been playing saxophone for 37 years, electric bass for the last 30 years. I just want to learn about the TEMPO company.
  5. I've been playing music all my life. I own saxophones, guitars piano, drumsets, amplifiers, bass guitars, clarinets, records, and any thing else musical. When I walked into the Goodwill I knew I had to buy it on the spot because it was in it's original case from the 1960's!!! It's lived it's life in a case. This guitar is in mint condition!! It's like brand new~!On the internet i saw a simular guitar for $799.00 and I paid $49.95!!I will be playing this guitar at Dayton jazz and blues gigs. It's perfect for the surf rock sound.
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