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  1. amazing how this guy is still talked about around here. i remember when he first made his appearance...showing off all his amps and pedals, making dumb ass remarks, getting flamed by just about everyone. good times.
  2. i was going to be the BK King this year, but the mask alone is $50, not to mention its nearly impossible to find anywhere other than ebay. but i was really upset about that price. almost did it. i would have had a blast standing in the background of pictures and standing in front of windows....
  3. Originally posted by Sir H C Does anyone remember when the taco first appeared (s)he claimed to be a lesbian? i dont know why but ive been laughing out loud at this for about 3 minutes straight now.
  4. This was posted by hempathy some time ago, and I just want to bring it back to see some different insights and get some more perspective as there have been some new faces around here since this was last posted. "Given the history of US foreign policy and its evolution to exclude voters + the american congress from its realisation. The support the "defence industry" gives to otherwise boom and bust economic management, not to mention the links between the political elite and defence contractors, the disenfranchisement think tanks offer between the traditional policy making process and voting behaviour. Can we assume that democracy is now dead and capitalism now rules through the profit of war and maintenence of neocolonial "free" market imperialism? Those not familiar with geopolitics need not reply."
  5. my concern with this one is that one user said it never stopped spinning, which made me think. although i think this might be my best bet.
  6. I'm in the market for an external hard drive. i just got a macbook pro and need some additional storage. does anyone have any suggestions or direct me where to start looking? im looking for something with a minimum of 100gb. so far ive found this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16822144214 seems alright, except for the damn lights, but they can be turned off. and one review said that it never stops spinning. so, let hear some suggestions. thanks guys
  7. i did back in the day when smoke was dry.
  8. What do we think about them? Pretty cheap, sound decent. Lets hear some feedback as i may be purchasing one. If not, then please suggest some others for me to look at.
  9. Just entered the Miilwaukee area and was wondering if anyone knows of any guitar shops i should check out. I'm in the market for a new acoustic too, so im anxious!
  10. Originally posted by thepoisonchef dont know if any of you remember the story of the LA bank robbers a few years back, anyway these 2 drugged up guys with AK's (with 100 round drum clips) took on a whole police crew with little pistols and kept them kissing the asphault they could have gotten away anytime but i think they were having fun (the swat team were taking their sweet time planning a strategy while their comrades were bleedin) anyway since then all LA cops carry assault rifles. i made up a quote after this story: "The bad guys are always ahead of the game while the good guys follow." another example being 911 and airport security man, i remember watching all that on tv. that was probably one of the craziest things i have ever seen. two guys, both armed with AKs with armor piercing bullets; the police had no idea what to do. SWAT was moved in but they were having trouble with them in the beginning. ill never forget how that last guy went down, that cop just swinging out from around the bushes and popping him in the head. that was such a historic moment in LA crime. like you said, that why they carry assault rifles now. i havent read all the arguments, but, techincally speaking, a handgun can be as deadly as an assault rifle...at close ranges. assault rifles are designed for long-mid range combat, if someones 100 ft away from you, its a lot easier to shoot them with an assault rifle than a pistol. assault rifles are just more accurate.
  11. I just got a macbook pro, and put AIM on it...and it sucks. crashes constanly. wondering what everyone else uses
  12. i could be wrong on this, but when i play MY guitar, the sound is emitted instantaneously +/- .000000000000000012 of a second. my suggestion is to get an amp that exceeds the 300w barrier.
  13. I'm heading to college in....{censored} four days and am in the market for a new acoustic. so far what i;ve been looking at are guitars like taylors and martins. as lovely as they sound, i dont want to have to worry about some douche bag breaking it. what should i be looking at? i really had my eye set on the taylor 414ce...but again, its just the question of keeping it secure. any of you guys have any recommendations? price range is set between $600-$800. or should i just get a taylor and just hope for the best (very small chance of this happening)
  14. was not in the description or in any of the pictures. so a claim should definatley be in order?
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