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  1. Probably gonna get some old George and Tammy tonight.
  2. I share the same birth date as Hank, unfortunately that's where any comparison as a songwriter ends.
  3. Stein, there are no dumb questions...………..except ones about Economics.
  4. Phil and the rest of you guys will thank me for clueing you in on what's happening on PBS. I think tonight's episode will focus on Rock-a-Billy and Bakersfield. you all can thank me later.
  5. Most interesting insight into early radio and recording industries. You don't have to be a country music fan to enjoy a Burns documentary.
  6. Dr. Bill Malone was a major contributor to the series. https://madison.com/wsj/entertainment/music/ken-burns-country-music-will-be-a-thrill-for-local/article_886175b7-ad76-5c5c-a227-17b501dc1c89.html Wife and I were in his class at Southwest Texas State College (SWTSC) in mid '60s while he was working on his doctorate at the University Of Texas. A gifted historian, musician, and story teller.
  7. Biggest thing I've dealt with is FM 5K transmitter and old AM Gates BC-1 that was all tube. Nautel spoiled me with their 1K all solid state AM transmitter. Small market radio is kinda' fun until it isn't.
  8. Most people look at those kind and say "that's not a tube, where's the glass".
  9. $10K worth of ugly, IMO. How do you sell it to avoid all taxes? Even if sold for a loss it's still 'found money'. I'm likely missing something.
  10. Yeah.....I wouldn't give $300 for Willie's guitar.
  11. Do you know what Sacred Harp Singing is in the Primitive Baptist Church tradition?
  12. Analog and digital inputs..... CD-R and CD-RW. When repaired these units are bullet proof. http://www.ebay.com/itm/HHB-CDR-850-CD-recorder-player-/140771686765?pt=US_CD_Players_Recorders&hash=item20c6a5796d
  13. If it's starting to sound good you're on the right track. As soon as you can try to start thinking bass line/melody line instead of repeating patterns. It's just a long road from here to Chet but eventually very rewarding.
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