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  1. The FP5 is an excellent piano keyboard should you want to improve your playing abilities. Practice with the onboard rhythms, and you could certainly hold your own in any studio session. Should I lose it, I would certainly replace it. I purchased this keyboard just to practice during the idle time at work (yes, I have a great computer job that lets me do things like this), but given how fast technology improves, I'd probably be looking for the latest greatest in the series...perhaps the FP7? I've played Casios, Yamahas, Korgs, etc., but for me I really like the piano sounds of t
  2. George-.J1_q

    ART DR-X

    The DR-X was what I wanted, a multi-effects unit without having to buy a stack of separate units to do the same thing. It has been used to enhance electronic drums, add stereo to a mono sampler output, enhance vocals, normalize tape recordings, and used as the primary effects on a send/return output of a 24ch mixer. It appears reliable when mounted in a portable rackmount case for gigs, but I've always been very careful with my equipment. If it was lost, I would look at the latest A.R.T effects units for a replacement.
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