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  1. haha.. well.. i just stuck it on ebay. think i'll be trying out the micro pog. there's a few irritating things about the PS-5 with it digitizing the 'dry' signal, the dropout when turning it on etc. the trem arm mode is great.. possibly better than the whammy for a completely steady rise/fall at a set rate.. that's a very good trick to have around. i just want that +1 octave blended in subtely without the pedal ruining the signal. of course, any organ type sounds would be a bonus too. I think that the micropog may be good, but it would be "ace" if a shop you find one at also had a whammy to test alongside look at me, I used a brit-ism ACE!
  2. i used to be in a band with him :rodney dangerfield collar pull: close call, yeeaasshhh... you should like you are learning a lot about your gear and production, so awesome!
  3. that singer is badddddd... everything else can work...
  4. EX-7 was a bit tone sucky, and clunky to use. i have an XP-100 and the 'bypass' is the worst i've ever experienced. i've tried it in a bypass loop, running parallel as a wet only effect with my dry signal and every which way it's just a major hassle to have in my setup. I know what you mean about the xp line.... That trim control Do the reissue standard whammys have that trim knob? If not, hit one of those up and let us know :thy:
  5. Read the title... Most distortions I've tried sound awesome with humbuckers, but my strat's single coils don't make it sound as awesome. Yeah... I have the exact opposite ... I use a mod'd big muff and sounds great with single coils, crap with humbuckers...
  6. After listening again, yes, the Singer is bringing everything else down... replace, or just lose him completely and have one of the remaining guys make a "ransom note" out of clippings from a magazine for nonsensical to deep lyrics and use minimal speaking style vocals and let the instruments lead the songs... singer sucks...his gyrations are even worse...
  7. i love self... but i love "breakfast with girls" better. amazing songwriter! yup, it is, but children's toys... kinda makes these $300+ pedal seem silly
  8. why not get the ex7 then? how about a digitech whammy of some shade?
  9. if you want more analog ocatve up, it is going to usually sound fuzzy/ring mody to some extent... MI Audio Pollyanna ZVex Johnny Octave FoxRox Octron
  10. Hey! Just thought I'd make a quick introduction. I've been lurking around HCFX for about a year now and have finally made the decision to join in with the banter that goes on around this place. Been playing guitar for a little while, but I've become addicted to effects along the way thanks to you guys. :poke: DAM GAS!!!!!!! Not many chicks in here is there, if any at all...........oh well, I'd like to congratulate myself on being one of the first onez up in this bitch Bitch is the New Black
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gizmodgery
  12. those "juices" can sometimes be eggs... eggs that can sustain in the crevices in you shoe soles... and be tracked into another person's home...
  13. r'n'r hof?? I can't stand most Hendrix/Led Zep/Beatles music, so I though that place might not be the best for me...
  14. sure, we'd all love to flee to the cleve, but sometimes it's not in the cards. liz lemon'd
  15. I'm going to Cleveland in June... Brewers v. Indians game... Great Lakes Brewery, Museum of Science, Charlie's [?] vegetarian malt shop... fun!
  16. actually, I just listened to it- it doesnt sound anything like a microsynth w/o envelope. more like a better bluebox. i dig it though. i might get one. I'd say a cross between both with the sensitivity control dictating one vs. the other...
  17. dunno what the big deal is with devo... "the Mongoloid years" listen and then let me know how you feel about them.
  18. what if you hate all Led Zepplin? could I minus 1/6th off all of them?
  19. Papillon? ears don't look all spiderweby and teased... but maybe they are just trimmed I would guess Pomeranian mix, Chihuahua mix?
  20. even poor and in college I'd rather spend double and enjoy it twice as long... = vodka tonics or +lemon & honey for soar throat cure = brandy old fashionds = +cola or for whiskey sours if you like the cheap stuff, cool... but none of these above are super expensive, but are decent and enjoyable...
  21. wonder if thats a microsynth without the envelope (something ive always wanted)? My Man, it has been made...[well minus the swell function] it's called the MI AUDIO POLLYANNA and I mine... ! dry blend sensitivity 1 octave down 2 octaves down [blue boxy] 1 octave up fuzzy
  22. you youngin's and your overexposure to the new EHX :shakes fist: back in my day [1996] we had to read the HC reviews and dream that EHX would come back to the USA and start making "teh oldies" again...
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