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  1. This has started happening again. Why? Why would it have been so cool after what I did and start again? I have a f.........ing RME. What's the deal?
  2. I think it's worth even more! (a local GC has one w.0 the ding for 1450, FFS, this is a bargain.........................
  3. Not that I necessarily get that drift here. I mean, there is a hard-core political thread which people are basically allowed things (which I'm guessing if it gets dicey is personal attacks, which I've seen few of oddly)
  4. I've been banned and had stern warnings (I'm under investigation at talkbass and I've got twice as man "likes" than posts ) Moderators can be a mean bunch, and they have autonomy so that if you say anything against them, then they can ban you. I know, hun?
  5. not acceptable, imo. But whatever, those people usually do succeed ...................
  6. yeah, the first time I heard it it was obviously Laurel. Now I seem to hear Yanny most of the time. I can also hear both if I concentrate hard enough. Oh, and I'm 53.
  7. What a pile of crap that thing was! Plasticy and cheap. The neck is a baseball bat. And even with is being "roasted" and SS frets, there were still a few fret edges. "Ultra high access" of the frets my butt. Reminds me of when fender went elite and ruined the high access, the original ibby's are super easy to reach. Couldn't tell about the sound (well, it's guitar center) so I'm over it. The prestige might be better but it better have a better profile or I don't want it. I see, a Carvin being ordered
  8. Never could figure it out, waves was NO help and I didn't really care for it. Sorry waves, but even at 29 bucks this was a miss for me.
  9. I know all about prestige/vs/premium. But this is supposed to be different. Same hardware, still a nice roasted neck with SS frets so hard to say. That special neck treatment sounds like an excuse to charge 700 more. Made by Cort, never heard that before, but maybe the same factory? Anyways, they have this one at a local store and though I MIGHT (maybe) be willing to pay 700 bucks more for the prestige, I'm want to play one to see what all the rage is about. https://www.google.com/shopping/prod...CABEgIAE_D_BwE I actually like that color the best.
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