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  1. ok, i understand the concern about the string. but the fact is that this kind of volume pedal is MUCH more smooth and natural than digital ones. i love it. compare it to whatever else they have in stores and you will find this one is best. i know the string will break, but i am willing to go through whatever i have to in order to replace it.
  2. i really like the envelope filtering of this pedal, it is very unique. but because of that, i put up with a lot of bad points. this pedal will definitely be thrown into my true bypass loop.
  3. i have bought 10 effects pedals in the past two months in order to move out of the sad world of multi-effects, and this is probably my favorite purchase. love it.
  4. i love it. probably my favorite effect. i use it mostly on clean signal, for a subtle but effective color. i was a little weary buying an eddie van halen signature effect; i'm not a fan of van halen AT ALL. but eh, it's a great box.
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