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  1. Quite a few Fenders and "Gibbys", Marshall, Fender, Vox, and Sunn amps, an array of studio effects (hardly used anymore). I bought this guitar based on how it felt (different, but comfortable), its stunning looks, and (thinking) it would fit in the mix (blues, and rock). Unfortunately, it didnt deliver in the sound catagory. Way too thin (clean, or overdriven). There is NO DOUBT that these guitars have better production QUALITY than the two "You know Who's", but I play for a living, and tone and dynamics are the bottom line. The Les Pauls are nothing new, and the only thing keeping them aliv
  2. This is NOT the original phaser heard on all those recordings way back when...(trust me, Im old enough to remember). The original studio (and live) phaser was the MAESTRO PS-1A (you see them on Ebay now and then). While the Maestro was, and IS without a doubt, the BEST sounding phaser, it only had 3 pre-set speeds(slow/med/fast). They later made the PS1-B, which added a speed control, but wasnt the same. This new 74 Phase 90 is still a very lush sounding device, and very dependable. This is the closest to the Maestro Ive heard, which made it very popular back in 74.
  3. M-NHVaD

    ART SGX 2000

    Playing now for 33 years, and have (or had), most everything ever made at one point. Im really dissapointed this unit isnt still being made (with the above being corrected), as NOTHING can even compare (excepting an Eventide), but those are soooo expensive.
  4. M-NHVaD

    TIM Boost

    I feel this unit was produced to compete with the Klon, and sell at a lower price to attract the younger folk. All I can suggest is that YOU do a side-by-side, and you'll see the difference immediately.
  5. 30+ years playing... To those who sit in the house: You'll love it To those who are trying to look cool: cant go wrong To those who play Death Metal: Dont even think about it and finally, to those who actually gig regularly: NO WORRIES!
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