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  1. Have you seen the '76 Knebworth show on youtube? The whole gig is absolute fire. I'm not the hugest LS fan, but that show is really worth a watch. I can't do Freebird though... have to skip it. This sh*t right here is killin' though... Steve Gaines is almost Duane-like. [video=youtube;SY63KTMrkTM]
  2. Very cool! I bought this Squier for $127 in Virginia Beach 4 years ago - I was visiting my parents and while there was informed that I needed to learn 26 Steely Dan tunes pronto, for a gig. It is SHOCKING how good this guitar is, completely stock. Plays great (after a setup), and sounds great both dry and plugged in. Granted, I played 7 or 8 of them till I found one that sounded good, but still... [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","title":"20190713_161618.jpg","data-attachmentid":32551278}[/ATTACH]
  3. That's the part I don't like. To paraphrase Hank Hill, "You're not making rock & roll better, you're making classical music worse"
  4. I have NO clue. But yeah, how can you not like Ozzy??? He's absolutely terrible, and always has been, but there is just this midlands stoned idiot charm to him that I've always found hard to resist
  5. I've always liked this tune, but man everyone is really struggling in this clip, even Randy... his time is all over the place! Not crazy about the tone either... too much hair.
  6. For about 20 years, yeah Though truth be told, I took a LOT of cabs
  7. Definitely the NOS tubes, but I'd skip the greenback - imho not the best choice for this type of amp. I'd go with a lower-wattage Creamback instead, it would get awfully ratty with a greenback in it.
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