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  1. Have you seen the Fab Faux do the Abbey Road medley? Its quite remarkable.
  2. Nah, lets just skip to paying him for the pizza
  3. When I plot out a set list, I'm thinking borh in terms of key and tempo, and I try to have the set mirror a compositional form, as far as tension/release goes.
  4. Nope, the piano is the studio's yamaha grand. The bass is from the M1 though.
  5. You're correct, drums are also perceived as a point source. However, in recording, I almost always use a stereo pair to capture the room, and those mics get panned wide because the drum set being roughly in the center of the image is well represented by the room mics, and will give the recording a "natural" sound that our ears can relate to. For similar reasons, film recordists and mixers will always add "room tone" to any dubbed scene or dialog - it sounds unnatural without.
  6. All of those instruments are perceived by the audience as a point source in the stereo field, not as having a stereo field in and of themselves. Unless specifically directed otherwise by a client I treat them as such. I find that they sit in a mix much better that way.
  7. I never got to work there either... but I did get to do a couple of projects at Media Sound, which was another converted church on w. 57th street, lots of legendary records were done there, like Imagine. Amazing room and experience. Juat about every legendary room in NYC has closed... Media Sound, The Hit Factory, RCA, Battery, Magic Shop, etc... and Power Station (now Avatar) only survived due to the good offices of Berklee... for which I'm grateful.
  8. I dislike the 184s intensely... they just sound harsh and brittle to me. Only used the TLM102 once, on vocals (it was the only option available) and was less than impressed, tbh... had no warmth to it whatsoever.
  9. I often use my matched pair of Oktava MK-12s in place of the km-84s, they sound almost identical, but slightly brighter, so they work great for a darker room.
  10. I've always preferred the spaced pair, as I've never really got results that I was 100% with doing the Glyn Johns spacing. Its very rare that the kick or snare mics need to be time-aligned with the spaced pair method, but I always check phase on EVERYTHING before I hit "record". Especially given that I almost always use 2 mics for both kick and snare. My "standard" setup: Kick In: Sennheiser MD421 Kick Out: AKG D-12VR Sn Top: Shure SM57 Sn Bot. Sennheiser MD441 HH: AKG 451b Toms: MD421 Each OH: Neumann KM-84s (matched pair) Room: Either my 1963 Neumann U-67 Tube for Mono, or a matched pair of David Perlman TM-1s for stereo.
  11. Been said since the early 80s... and yet there is still an abundance of drummers
  12. I have a largely irrational dislike of the snare anywhere but dead center Unless the whole kit is being treated as a point source and is panned somewhere other than up the middle.
  13. There's nothing quite like playing a "tenor sax" solo on a Korg M-1, then having an actor with a saxello (curved soprano sax) mime being blind and mime one's playing in the music video [video=youtube_share;wfolwI2BJw4]
  14. Yeah, "think and hear like a drummer".
  15. Isn't that just what I said in post #6?
  16. 1st decision: Drummers' perspective or audience perspective? I prefer Audience, myself. Kick & Snare: up the middle. HH: 45-50% to the right Toms: spread right to left from about 20-25% right to about 60-75% left. Overheads: Stereo Room mics: Stereo (or up the middle for a mono room mic) Make certain that the L-R orientation of the Overheads and Room mics matches your chosen perspective. For that matter, when I mix drums I will bring up the OH and Room to find as precisely as I can where the toms show up in the stereo image, and then place my direct tom mics to match. Hi-hat as well.
  17. [QUOTE=Zooey;n32515380] I backed into that one. I was very loosely into the rave scene of the 90s, so I heard Eat Static first, and Ozric Tentacles much later. [video=youtube;qKIR64MRzJo]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKIR64MRzJo[/video] [/QUOTE] I'm familiar with Eat Static through the Ozrics, but like it far less, as there isn't nearly as much genre-blending going on, its fairly conventional EDM for its time.
  18. [QUOTE=Cornholio Farquarth III;n32515238]80s hair metal was the best. It's still my favorite type of music. :cool11: :music021: :cool11:[/QUOTE] You have my sincere consciences.
  19. I should also mention that the horrors of 80s production didn't just affect pop and rock... they made their way into jazz as well... I listened to a lot of 80s jazz guitar stuff, and held my nose about the sounds, cause the playing and ideas were so great. [video=youtube;KH-qGqzQdzA]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH-qGqzQdzA[/video]
  20. [QUOTE=guido61;n32515187] So he stumbled over the shark? :D[/QUOTE] :lol:
  21. [QUOTE=guido61;n32515180] Art of Noise’s first album came out the following year. and I don’t think anything they did predated “Owner” by more than a few weeks, if at all. In any case, it was the first time I had ever heard it and probably most of America.[/QUOTE] You are probably right on the chronology... a lot of the 80s tend to get compressed and jumbled in my mind - it was a long time ago, and I liked to party back then :lol:
  22. I wore out several copies of this record... a perennial party favorite back then: [video=youtube;5-AZveMx8cY]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-AZveMx8cY[/video]
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