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  1. yup, music is aural math - it's just more fun, expressive, and emotive than regular math . and yes, i do know mathematicians who think math is `beautiful' because it explains `why everything is the way it is'...but hey, you know mathematicians...they're just plain kooky ;)...
  2. yes! way under rated, or, at least under appreciated, imomo (in my old man's opinion ;))...
  3. [QUOTE=bildo;n32514682]This is a pretty dang good guitar. I have refretted it twice now. This is the one with the Vai mixed paint. Been with me a long while now. [/QUOTE] i have a 1985 u.s.a. soloist in corvette yellow with the seymour duncan s/s/h setup and the kahler tremelo, about as perfect a shredder as you can find :)...
  4. wallywanker

    Old timers

    [QUOTE=Cornholio Farquarth III;n32434195] (You could get banned, you know).[/QUOTE] yeah, but back then they just came back like the walking (stalking) (flaming) dead ;)... i didn't really mind, and i'm sure scott had way better stuff to do than referee our various boot pissing contests, heck, even i may have made a `brash statement' on occasion :D...
  5. wallywanker

    Old timers

    i've been around since the end of the '90's, back in the scott lehman days. it was `unmoderated' in those days with all the wild and woolly (and highly entertaining) flame wars you might expect, musicians not noted for their tiny egos and all ;). the various platform crashes and changes (plus the onset of `serious moderation') caused some to lose interest, imo. it's my experience the site is way more useful, with way better discourse, but if you're looking for a dust up in trouble town (good ole fashioned flame war) you'll have to go to another forum... i'm o.k. with that :).
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